D.N.A_Destiny Neva Arrives!

The concept for my highly anticipated debut mixtape, D.N.A, is a variety of concious and lyrical songs that convey who I am as an artist. I always attempt to push the boundaries and exceed to create unique and productive music. First of all, let me back up and explain my rap name. I call myself DA-ANZAH because I am the answer to the rap game and the change that it desprately needs. With that being said, I named my first mixtape, D.N.A because DNA is the building blocks of life. Its an acranom for Destiny Neva Arrives, which basicly means that in life you have to go out and create your own destiny and not rely for an oppurtunity to come to you. This is an essintial and critical part of music and mantality. I have learned that as artist and even more importantly as human beings, we can't sit around and hope for opurtunity and sucess to come.. we have to go out and do it on our own. So if youre expecting soulja boy type basic songs about dancing or smoking weed, or other pointless and meaningless music, then I am not the artist for you. My music is extremely lyrical and has substance and purpose. Every song on D.N.A_Destiny Neva Arrives, will fit this critera, except the occasional love song or swagg song such as crazy swagg ft. MMB. So stay tuned and continue to support my music! D.N.A_Destiny Neva Arrives is coming mid 2011!