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What your your Faith? and Why?

Tell me your Faith and Why? is it because of your family back ground or did you seek for yourself?

Isaiah 58:1
Isaiah 58:1  (over 2 years ago)

First and foremost, forgive me for just now replying to your message! My Faith is in Jesus Christ! I don't have a religious "Faith" (interms of denominations ) Jesus never preached denominations , He preached Love! And if the Trurh be told, if we call ourselves Christians (meaning to be Christ like, then all that claim to be Christians will have to Jewish (i mean He is King of the Jews right) :-) secondly, i was born in this belief but when i became an adult i search out mt belief for myself in otherswords "in all of my gettings i got understanding " once again i apologize for not replying some time ago please charge it to my mind not my heart! "God bless you" :-)