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We recorded our new album last weekend, been mixing etc, and producing it, so hopefully our goal of getting it to you by the new year will be acheived!! We're also handing out some free musical education in the form of JAZZ at a ROCK gig, at GIG 2 which will be our last-ish gig of the year, on the Thursday 16th december :) x

Upcoming Gigs..

Hey guys, this is our first use of the site reverb nation, just using it to update you on our upcoming gigs/events, our next 3 gigs are.. Support slot at VIVAZ, Scarborough. 2nd October One-off Albert gig, THE ALBERT PUB, Scarborough. 10th October Open Wedding gig at TUCKERS BAR. 6th November North Cliff Party, NORTH CLIFF GOLF CLUB, Scarborough. 27th November.

You'll all be wondering why so few gigs? It's because for this end of year, we've been focussing on writing, recording and rehearsing for the new year, so you can all have a fresh sound for a new year :) 3