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Back From The Beach

BILL BLOG Monday February 19, 2018

Short sleeve weather today and it do feel like Spring has broken in Music City.

GULF SHORES I'm thinking that maybe my wife and I loaded the nice weather we had in Gulf Shores and brought it back with us. We had another great run to one of our favorite places on the water and had a terrific show with Brent Burns this past Friday night. We've done these two men shows several times now and they've all been memorable evenings...but this one in particular was pretty amazing. Not only did we have a great crowd but they were so enthusiastic and totally into the music and they laughed HARD. I can't tell you how much fun it is to sit on a stool with a guitar and an old buddy and hear that sound coming back at you. And to make the night even more memorable my brother Gary and his wife Kay are down there as snowbirds right now and they came and brought some of Gary's golf buddies and their wives with them. It was just one of those evenings that again reminded me how lucky I am to get to do what I do.

There were lots of snowbirds there from all over the country. Those are the folks smart enough to get out of the cold during winter! And then they sit on the beach and pull up the weather forecast back in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania...and laugh. Don't blame em'.

My thanks to Brent's new assistant Sherry for all her help. And to my wife Kathy who sold my merch along with Larry and Vickie Hudson who sold Brent’s… as well as helping out to seat folks and collect tickets. Can't wait to do it again.

SONGS And...I did find time on the ocean to get one more new song written with my buddy as we begin the process again of working towards his next CD. I actually wore one of Brent's T-Shirts "Emergency Vacation" on stage Friday night. That's the title of his newest CD right now that you can find on his website at his shows and online. If you click on the link you can hear the title song.

PRESIDENTS DAY It is that...and some folks actually get the day off. I propose we make a holiday of each President's birthday. Think of the time we could spend on the beach!

TODAY Back to writing. I'm off to rhyme with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry who I've not seen for a bit so this will be fun for sure..writing and catching up. The temps are hitting over 70 here today...so I'm hoping to get out under the sun and soak that up a bit on President's Day.

Have a great Monday!

Show Tonight In Gulf Shores

BILL BLOG Friday February 16 2018

Wow...some DEEP fog this morning in Gulf Shores, Alabama...but the great news is...it's burnt off...the sun is screaming through a clear sky and it's going to be 80 for a high today! Flip flop, shorts, sunglasses...appropriate stage wear for my show tonight down here with Brent Burns.

YESTERDAY A lazy Thursday down here but...I did write another new song with Brent Burns as we are starting the pre-work on his next album probably a year from now or so. Time to stack up songs and song ideas so that there will be enough new tunes to go back in studio and crank out his 12th or 13th or 14th CD...I've lost track. I'm just glad for all the fun collabrations through the years...and I figure Brent's recorded mayb 40 songs we've written together through the years. We're sort of like the beach poor mans edition of Lennon-McCartney...without the hair, the hits and the fame. Fine by me.

Everyone I meet within this Trop Rock circle have a favorite which is always interesting to hear. And we'll most certainly sing some of those through the years. The funny one's get a lot of attention..."Ugly Early", "Retired", "JIm Cantore", Trailer Park Sexy" etc. But I'm also proud of some of the more mainstream "beach" songs we've written including one my faves here you can check out if you'd like..."Towel On The Beach". I'm looking very forward to sharing these tunes with our audience later this evening with Brent.

CHILL After that...lunch...relaxing by the pool overlooking a golf course, Happy Hour (a daily ritual down here) and dinner with my brother Gary and Kay overlooking the ocean. It's pretty much a perfect 3-4 day run down here filled with sand and songs and friends and family. Good work if you can get it folks.

THINGS YOU WON'T SEE UP NORTH DER' Beads...and Mardi Gras trash. My sister in Minnesota won't find any of those in the sewer as she freezes today in 20 degree temps. Did I mention it's 80 down here?

Anyhoo...with Carnival...and Mardis Gras, and parades and beads and drinking...a lot of Mardi Gras trash shows up down here in places that have to be cleaned up. Mardis Gras originated just a few miles from here over in Mobile. So...let's blame it on those guys! "Let The Good Times Roll"...but pick up you trash you party animals.

OLYMPICS Anyone else watch "skeleton" in the Olympics yesterday? Sledding downhill? Anyone else think..."now I could do that"? Okay...just me. Everytime I see that I think of sledding as a kid in my hometown of Montgomery City, Missouri. You'd fly down hill...hit an iced log..and fly onto the frozen pond on that golf course that sat right across the road. I got gold one year.

I did enjoy the snowboard races...NASCAR on snow. That's cool. And I am most certainly rooting for our Women's Hockey team to get another shot at Canada as I have a co-writer over in South Korea right now...Rob Bellamy who's rooting on his sister who's on that team...Kacey. C'mon Kacey!

THIS WEEKEND Well first...this little show this evening with Brent Burns. We're going to have a great crowd...and there are just a few more spots available if you want to come.

Then tomorrow morning it's back to Nashville which will get me on my couch in time to watch the Dayton 500 go off on Sunday and then get prepped for a busy week coming up.

Hard to beat the beauty and the weather down here...and I certainly enjoy seeing so may friends we've made down here through the years. Gets harder go back north every time.

Have a great weekend!

Rhyming and "I Am I Said"

BILL BLOG Tuesday January 23, 2018

60's for a high here in Nashville yesterday...44 today. Your weather forecast brought to you by Duncan Yo Yo's.

YESTERDAY I spent a good chunk of it writing a new song with Wil Nance an Lauren Mascitti...something fun yesterday. Lauren is working on her new album right now so we're trying to write some things that could make it on the album outside of this SONG that's for sure going to be on there. Wil has 10 acres or so full of critters and a house full of dogs and one new baby cat that Santa brought is little girl who told her Dad she would have a "hole in my heart" if she didn't get a cat. She got a cat. Little girls do that to Dads. Older one's too I've discovered.

We got a big laugh moment when Wil's daughter showed up proud to show us here tooth that just got pulled by the dentist. My guess is if Billie puts the tooth under her pillow...she might get another cat.

BACK TO WORK FOR A BIT My sister Vickie has a government job out east. Last night she texted me and my siblings that with the government shut down ending she was called back to work. The government could shut down again though February 8. Seriously...if you couldn't laugh at politics an government as I tend to do...one could break their neck from shaking their head so hard reading the news. Sigh. Always makes me think about this song "Government" that the late and brilliant Roger Miller wrote that's one of the songs performed in his musical "Big River".

SWEET CAROLINE Gosh...sorry to hear that Neil Diamond after hearing he has Parkinsons...has retired. Anyone not know a Neil Diamond song? My youngest brother had an 8 track of Neil Diamond when we were both young. Yes...an 8 track. I pulled out my Red Sovine truck driving 8 track tape and plugged Neil in. I was hooked. For years I used to sing "Cracklin Rosie" and "Play Me" on bandstands. I'll be pulling up some Neil Diamond today to listen to on my trip to my writing appointment later this morning.

DANICA Danica Patrick did finally get a ride in the Indy 500 this year. I've gone to a couple of those...worth going and messing with traffic and crowds for sure...at least once. And the museum in the middle of the track is great...plus...you can buy a ticket on a bus that will take you on a lap around the Brickyard. Heck...I even got to ride in a two seat Indy car once with a pro driver at the Kentucky Speedway for 3 laps...and I did not want it to end. What I remember most about it is how your head would snap into the turn you were taking. You couldn't move your neck the other way if you had to. What a rush.

So the question is...will Danica's new boyfriend...Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers be sitting in her pit on top of that big toolbox?

TODAY I'm off to write with Jenny Tolman which is always fun. Her new album is about to be released for everyone to hear what I've been hearing for quite awhile now. Here's a taste...her new SINGLE if you care to check out her music.

Have a great Tuesday!