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Bill Whyte / Blog

A Great Club Ownere

BILL BLOG Friday November 6, 2015 Good morning from beautiful Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Bama. At least I THINK that's where I'm at. The fog is so thick this morning it's tough to see the ocean unless you walk out close. No worries. It will burn off today and be gorgeous. FRANK BROWN Yes...once again..back at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. I've lost track of the number of years I've played here now...but I remember being nervous at the first one because I had such respect for this event. All these GREAT songwriters. Did I deserve to be here? I'm glad they continue to invite me year after year. Last night our "Hits and Grins" trio played at perhaps my favorite listening room down here (not to mention one of my favorite menus) ...the Sunset Cork Room. Great libations...wine....food is unreal. Small...intimate...and we had a GREAT set last night. Thanks to my family Dodge and Dean and Jack and Marsha and their friends for coming and taking a big table. Just an awesome set last night. What a away to kick things off. My thanks to all the organizers who put our trio in a great three bedroom condo right on the beach. Have I mentioned ever before that I have a great job? If you ever hear me complain...come up and slap me. THANKS I have to tip my cap to the owner of the Sunset...Nina for what she did last night. We had a friend who did the set before our show last night...and apparently they had a table full of folks who wanted to yack...not listen. Even though they warned folks ahead of time...even though the owner reminded them three or four more times that folks were trying to LISTEN...please be QUIET!!! Nope...did not work. It was all about them. End story is that they asked them to leave...or it was mutual...and the room lost money because this oblivious table had ordered a lot of food. The owner did not care. She booted them to make sure the rest of the folks who came to a LISTENING show actually could hear the lyrics and music and stories. Nina my dear...YOU are a wonderful owner! Every songwriter down here appreciates that....when so many would do just the opposite...and not lose the food order money. We appreciate ya. MOMENT OF SILENCE A lot of folks at 8 pm lasts night were saying prayers for Rory Feek and her husband Joey. They've played this festival many times. Joey...is fast losing her battle against cancer. If you believe in miracles...pray now...as all of us did last night at 8 pm. We saluted these two great entertainer/songwriters last night from stage as did a lot of other writers who know and love this amazing couple who have been given more than anyone should be given to battle. Sometimes there are things in this world so sad that I just can't wrap my head around em'. TODAY Before our show tonight...I'm hoping we'll be able to chill and see some dolphins...and maybe some Navy Blue Angels fly by over the water. They have a big show just down the road in Pensacola today....so maybe. It's one of the awesome FREE sights one gets to experience here in one of my favorite spots on earth.

TONIGHT We play the world famous Florabama..in the Main Listening Room. Late show...at 11:30 pm...and this too is a great listening room. Then tomorrow we have a 4:15 pm show at Pirates Cove before we return home Sunday and get ready for a trip to California for two shows starting next Thursday night. Toes in the water...butt in the sand...something cold in my hand too Zac Brown. Have a great weekend!

Chris...Kacey...and The Beach

BILL BLOG Thursday November 5, 2015 Up early...about 8 hours from now I'll be in Gulf Shores, Alabama for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. First show is at 8:15 tonight at the Sunset Cork Room. The weather looks warm...I've got shorts in a bag along with a guitar...lot to love there. LAST NIGHT Some of you followed along last night with my commentary during the CMA Awards show last night. I enjoyed the show...a lot. And the stand out moment by far was the Chris Stapleton-Justin Timberlake moment that brought the house down. Heck...it brought my house down as my wife and I were just blown away too. A lot of folks are getting up wondering who Chris Stapleton is. He...like Kacey Musgraves don't get much radio play. But...you can't deny immense talent like they have...and it was rewarded big time last night. If you missed the Chris MOMENT last night...here's a poor VIDEO of it...but you'll "get it" even with this. I can only explain voices like his as God gifted. Poor Florida Georgia Line had to follow Chris last night. Wide gap there folks. Wide gap. Would have been tough for anyone to follow that. I mentioned last night that I opened a show once in front of him and Marty Raybon who was the lead singer for Shenandoah. That night in a little open field in South Lebanon, Ohio near where I lived at the time...I went out and did a few songs. And then the Steel Drivers played. Chris was the lead singer in this rockin' new grass group. I remember after hearing him sing and then Marty Raybon...I should sell my guitar and get a real job. The Kacey Musgraves moment was also very cool and eclectic like she is...and then "Girl Crush" also ruled the night for Little Big Town. Awesome tune. I have zero complaints with any of the winners last night. Great night for the CMA and the winners. And I think a lot of music makers in this town felt like maybe we turned a page a bit where REAL talent won out last night. I-65 Gotta fly down the road. For a look at the entire line up at schedule for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival go to FBISF.com. For me...tonight at Sunset Cork Room...tomorrow night late...11:30 pm at the Florabama Main Listening Room....and then Saturday at 4:15 pm at Pirates Cove. See ya on the beach.

CMA Tonight...Beach Tomorrow Night

BILL BLOG Wednesday November 4, 2015 My hump day started with a "jolt". Coffee at Starbucks...over to Wal Mart to walk among...as songwriter Mac McAnally describes em'...the "Wal Martians" to get some cough medicine for this hack I've got. Out to the parking lot...dead battery. Sigh. Fortunately...within walking distance was a tire shop...jumped the battery...drove over...replaced...good to go. So both my car and me got a jolt to get us going this morning. YESTERDAY One of those "magic" days in Music City. I was in studio listening to a song I helped write being recorded. Can't tell ya much more than that...except to say Ricky Skaggs produced it. So...you can imagine how fun it was to hang in Ricky's studio with a picture of Bill Monroe hanging on the studio wall in a room that was filled with class A musician's making your tune come alive in a great way. I felt very "blessed" again yesterday to be able to do what I do. Much more on this in some future blog. CMA AWARDS SHOW Tonight. If you want some laughs while watching the show hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood follow along on my Facebook and Twitter pages. I've been posting stupid comments for years now as the show unfolds. There's lots of funny stuff...and it's become my job to point some of it out. And yes..sometimes it's just too easy. BMI That songwriter association passed out it's awards last night. Mac Davis was deservedly given the prestigious "Icon" Award. Love Mac Davis. He wrote "In The Ghetto", "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me", and "Texas In My Rearview Mirror". Oh...and let's don't forget his funny side with "Lord It's Hard To Be Humble". When asked what his favorite song was that he'd written his response was the same as always. "I don't think I've written it yet". Congrats Mac.

COMPUTER CODE Wanna job? Learn to write code. Computer code. High demand. But here's the problem. It's hard to get teachers to teach code to young students in school because the pay for a teacher is below 50,000 per year...while out in the work force they would start near 90,000. That's not a problem being a songwriter where teaching songwriting would pay way more than doing it out in the real world these days.

TODAY Packing for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores. First show is tomorrow night with "Hits and Grins" at the Sunset Cork Room...8:15 pm. Hope to see you on the beach!

Have a great Wednesday!

Blowin' Away...

BILL BLOG Tuesday November 3, 2015 Heavy fog here in Twang Town this morning. Feel like I've been living in that stuff for a week now with this cold. YEP...STILL THERE This has been one of those lingering colds that won't give up. And...for once...I've done mostly all the right things. Got a shot early...loaded up on meds...stayed in bed for days...still going. This morning it's gone into the ole cough some more and blow some more. Let me describe it this way. In High School I played the French Horn. (Or tried to). In four years I blew the on the French horn maybe half as many times as I've blown my nose this morning. Enough already. YESTERDAY So I'm thinking...I'll keep my writing appointment and work through this cold. Maybe a change in plans and getting out will help And for the most part it did. Sometimes if you put your concentration somewhere other on how bad you feel...it helps. And I had even bigger reasons not to cancel because my appointment was with Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman just off Music Row. Jenny is all of 20...looks and sounds like a superstar already (plus she's an incredibly nice person) and Dave is a musician/writer/producer....and is working towards piling up songs for a "Jenny" CD somewhere down the line. So...we wrote a very fun "left of mainstream" idea that Dave brought to the table yesterday that turned out great. And...it WAS Dave's table as we wrote at his condo off Music Row...one of several high rise inner city dwellings that have exploded in downtown Nashville recently. The best part of yesterday was catching up with Dave who was beaten on the streets of Nashville recently in a well publicized ugly story. His jaws are still wired shut...drinking his food for now. But...the braces come off tomorrow! And...they arraign the two idiots in court today. That will be a long process...but I'm sure justice is going to be served down the road. Dave's sense of humor was fully intact...he was upbeat...positive...and had it not been for the fact that he had to spit his words out through wires....you'd have never known. A good day yesterday. WOUNDED WARRIORS Jenny shared a letter with me that came from the Texas Wounded Warriors organization officially thanking the two of us for playing for those folks out in Tyler, Texas a couple of months ago. No...thank YOU men and women for allowing us to give back a little something to so many that we admire. Anytime you need us....ask. It was truly an honor to be amongst ya. CMA WEEK It's going full tilt boogie right now. Awards show Wednesday night and I'll be posting some hopefully funny comments on my social network pages...Facebook...Twitter in real time as the show goes along...if you'd like to follow. Last night...it was the ASCAP Awards...for those who write for that organization as I do. The big winner was Trisha Yearwood who was honored with the prestigious "Voice of Music" Award. Here's how cool she is. President Jimmy Carter drove up from Atlanta...at his age with his wife...to present her the award. Trisha is from Jasper, Georgia where I just did a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott...our "Evening In The Round" trio. Pretty country. Yep...Garth beamed when she received her award..and Reba and Lady A were amongst those who sang her songs in her honor last night...emceed by Justin Timberlake. Girl can sing. Congrats.

TODAY Back to the Kleenex box...and in between...prepping for a little studio time later today.

Have a great Tuesday!

Series...and Nursing A Danged Cold

BILL BLOG Monday November 2, 2015 Starting a new month...and the Royals are World Series Champs. Congrats to my friends...bullpen coach Doug Henry and his wife Monique for bringing home the World Series trophy last night. Incredible good fortune for two really great folks who have been in the baseball game all their life. Doug is the bullpen coach for the World Series Champs...and I'm betting they are still celebrating in the Big Apple right now. I got to know them in Milwaukee when I was in radio up there. They love country music...I love baseball...so we formed a friendship. Doug would leave me baseball tickets wherever he was playing if I wanted to go...I left concert tickets. I didn't lose complete touch with them after leaving Milwaukee. Doug became the pitching coach for the Omaha Royals who come to town to play the Nashville Sounds. So...I got to see him in town some. And I played a house concert for them on their lake home up northeast of Milwaukee a few years ago and saw Monique and their friends. I sat once with both of them once out on a grassy area in Arizona at Spring Training with the pitchers and catchers for the Brewers at the time...when Doug still pitched for them. Awesome experience. So...once my teams were gone...Reds...Cards...my allegiance firmly went to rooting big time for my friends. I simply could not be happier for them as they paid their baseball dues...and now there are pictures of them beaming this morning from Citi Field in New York holding up a World Series trophy. Congrats guys! And now the question for me is..."how many days before Spring Training starts"? THE WEEKEND Having the Royals to root for helped me get through the weekend where I've pretty much been in bed nursing a danged cold that will just not let go. Miserable stuff. I'm betting some of you can relate. Normally by now...my wife and I would be on a balcony down in Gulf Shores sharing those sunsets with my second family the Raymer's who are there right now. THAT would make me feel better. My wife and I have delayed that trip until just before Thanksgiving this year...but we're counting the days. However...I will be there Thursday for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival to play at least three shows before returning to Nashville on Sunday to get ready for a West Coast trip with "Hits and Grins"...so I'll get three days of ocean views before getting our bigger stay late this month. THE CLOCKS FELL BACK... So...it's dark early...and it's grey...so you can imagine how we look forward to those views at this time of year. LOVE Fall...HATE the long grey we are subjected to. My daughter Heather flies back to Miami today...but she and her boyfriend shared some time with us this weekend...and we got to see them costume up as Mario and Luigi. A lot of green in those outfits. Dad loves the fact that there's a part of her that never seems to grow up. Not one Trick or Treater again this year at the Whyte House. You know what that means? Leftovers! And all healthy stuff of course. Reese's Tofu Pieces.

NASHVILLE BRACES All those deep voice radio folks and everyone who considers themselves a country artist have arrived in Music City USA for the CMA Awards and the festivities that surround it all week. The Awards Show is Wednesday night...but there's a ton of other small awards shows for songwriters...etc...and concerts all over the place. You can't swing a banjo without hitting a music person in this town right now. Got a busy week..but still hoping to see a radio friend or two and catch up before leaving for the Gulf the morning after the CMA Awards show on Thursday. You guys have a great time...and remember...there's no excuse this week for having to pay your own bar bill.

TODAY Off to write with Dave Brainerd and Jenny Tolman. Here's hoping something great falls onto our guitar strings and computer screens.

Have a great Monday.

Big Time Cold Season...and Guy Stuff

BILL BLOG Friday October 30, 2015 The day before Halloween and I finally found my costume. I'll be going as a "cold" this year saying "trick or treat" very softly. FYI Yesterday...all day I thought it was "Hump Day" Wednesday when it was Thursday. Some of you may have caught that on the blog yesterday. Did I mention I have an AWFUL cold? YESTERDAY Well...I did get to the Doctor's early in the morning. Rolled up a sleeve...got a little cortisone and some heavy medicine to hopefully help kick this awful cold and sore throat I'm dealing with. My daughter got home...and I'm trying to say fifty feet away from both her and my wife so they don't catch this. Heather I think wants to put crime tape up so I don't cross it. Don't blame her. WRITING So...I'm feeling sorta okay...and push on and hold my writing appointment with a newcomer to town....22 year old Manon Ward from Laramie, Wyoming. Her folks are letting here chase her dreams here in Nashville instead of going to college. She went one semester...and they recognized that's not where her heart is. So...they and her Grandfather are helping her take a shot at Music City. Manon has a cool voice and leans toward a little jazz/folk/Americana kind of feel....but yesterday the two of us took her idea of what to do to the boy you like when he's not getting your signals that the girl would not mind if you leaned in and kissed her! If the boy she talks about gets the message from our little song...I'm going to need some credit here Manon. It was fun getting to know her better. AND THEN... By the time I picked up some meds and made it up my driveway...the cold arrived at about Category 4 intensity. I'm surprised that Jim Cantore is not outside my house doing reports on my cold for the Weather Channel. Bed...lot of bed time....and more coming today after I cancel my writing appointment. Soup....rest...and Vicks Vapo in my nose...and last night on my feet. I know...what?!? My wife and daughter swear if you put Vicks on the soles of your feet...then cover them up with pair of socks...it helps cure a cold. I dunno. So far nothing...and my feet are slick. Sigh... STARBUCKS I'm usually up by 5 am...off to the coffee shop to read the morning paper and prep for the day. Today I started late because of the cold. But...while sitting at the local Starbucks...I noticed more than one woman in a car in the drive thru....applying make up while they waited their turn. Steve Dean and I wrote a song that's on my "Leave Em' Laughin'" CD titled "Things That Don't Suck About Being A Guy". Not having to apply and retouch makeup all the time would be one of those things! BUTTS And then I read an article talking about women buying and wearing "butt pads" to enhance the back cargo I suppose. And that's just another thing that don't suck about being a guy. Apparently guys...it's a lot of mirrors and lights and fog and butt enhancements going on with the fairer sex. AND HOW ABOUT LEGGINS? That time of year. Lot of leggings being worn. At our local High School...they had 40 violators yesterday of the "legging" dress code. Apparently the leggings were fine...but the tops were too shorts. That made for some interesting conversations with kids and their parents as they were pulled out of school yesterday. Not having to wear leggings? Just another thing that don't suck about being a guy. Of course in cold weather I will wear long underwear with a trap door....so there's that. OLD LEATHER JACKET This will make you feel old. The Fonz is 70 today. Henry Winkler...70. If I had a Wurlitzer I'd kick it and make it play the "Happy Days" theme song in his honor. TODAY Back to bed. Where's the Kleenex box?

Have a great weekend!

Nursing One...and...Beach Ahead

BILL BLOG BILL BLOG Thursday, October 29, 2015 I have got to find a way to get over this cold and sore throat. That time of year. YESTERDAY After a little road trip...I get home with one of those "uh oh" is my throat sore...which quickly went into confirmation. YES! My throat is really sore. So...lot of sleeping and complaining to my poor wife who's heard it many times before. Sigh. I'm looking to see if my Doc can either "shoot" or "pill" me today to knock this thing out before we go on the road to Gulf Shores a week from today for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. THE FESTIVAL For those who have never gone...you should sometime. The event is on the Gulf of Mexico...with a ton of great Nashville songwriters participating. I've been going more years than I can remember...and certainly I'm looking forward to doing at least three shows with our "Hits and Grins" trio. So far our schedule looks like this. November 5 Sunset Cork Room 8:15 pm (Great intimate room...with awesome food) This one will sell out...so make reservations. November 6 Florabama in the Main Listening Room at 11:30 pm...late show! November 7 Pirates Cove at 4:15 pm. Out on the deck where the dogs roam overlooking the water. We will probably add a 4th show that week to be announced soon. Come on down if you can. Our good friend Sharon Kendall is already making her famous key lime pie that we love for a late night beach feast at her and John's wonderful house...so we have extra good reasons for going. Hope to see some of you there. NEW SHOW Just added. I'll be doing a show with my great friend and frequent co-writer Brent Burns at the Glen Lakes Country Club again. This year's date is Thursday night February 18. The Golf Club is in Foley, Alabama...just north of Gulf Shores. We had such fun doing this last year so here we go again. Starting time and ticket info coming soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR Congrats to my friend Sydni Perry who's a great singer/fiddle player who will be playing the big New Year's Eve celebration this year on Times Square with Ryan Seacrest. Sydni is belting out harmony parts with Carrie Underwood these days....so look for my friend on the telecast. Awesome. I'm sure I'll see her at the CMA Awards too which is coming up November 4. I cast my ballot a couple of weeks ago so it will be fun to see if any of my votes are for the winner. And yes...CMA night...I'll be on Facebook with running commentary as always. I started doing this for fun a few years ago...and now I get e-mails asking, "are you going to do the CMA thing again"? I have no real life...so yes...I'll be doing that again.

TODAY I have a writing appointment with Manon Ward today...our first time writing together. I met Manon when she attended a radio class I taught a few months ago at the Nashville Songwriters Association building just off Music Row. When I finished...she handed me her first CD. I get handed quite a few of those...and believe it or not...I always listen....to at least SOME of it. This was an EP with six songs or so...and I just thought she was great. She's a Wyoming girl...not a lot of those in town...and I'm looking forward to seeing what we can create together today. Little Doctor's appointment for this cold if I'm lucky...and my daughter flies into town late this afternoon. She'll be quarantined like my wife is right now so they don't catch this. I do think they look great wearing surgical masks. Have a great Wednesday!

Cleveland, TN Show

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 28, 2015 Last hump day of the month. CLEVELAND Short blog this morning....got a bag packed in my hotel room in Cleveland, TN...just southeast of Chattanooga. Although we're only 2 and a half hours away from home in Music City...we're leaving early to drop Steve Dean in our "Hits and Grins" trio off at a radio station in Chattanooga. Steve drives every Wednesday from Music City to Chattanooga to work with a group called "Operation Freedom". He...and another great songwriter...Don Goodman sit and write songs with our veterans about their life. A musical therapy if you will. Really great stuff they are doing there...and I certainly salute that...and would love to be involved myself someday...which may happen I hear. So...up early ready to roll after a... GREAT SHOW Last night we played the Conn Center on the beautiful campus of Lee University here in Cleveland. With the leaves turned...and falling...you can imagine how beautiful the campus looks...even on a rainy day. We had a great audience last night..."into it" as we would say. Our thanks to all the crew and staff who made this experience so enjoyable last night. Great sound guys! They even had our "Hits and Grins" logo up on several screens in the theater which looked awesome...and you can see that picture if you like on my Facebook page. So...great time by all last night here in Cleveland. Up next...the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores. We play next Thursday, Friday and Saturday....twice on Friday I believe. Go to my calendar to find our venues and start times down on the beach...and take a beach trip yourself and join us. Bus is ready to pull out....regular blog tomorrow morning. Have a great Wednesday!

Reality Show Yesterday and a "Live" Show Tonight

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 27, 2015 Gonna be a rainy trip to Cleveland, TN tonight all the way from Nashville for our "Hits and Grins" show. YESTERDAY I had the pleasure of meeting Roo Arcus an Australian country artist in the vein of George Strait. It was our first time meeting...and t his after he recorded a song of mine that I found out yesterday went to #2 on the Australian country charts. And I wound up on CAMERA. Not something I try to do a lot of. You've heard the expression..."a face for radio"? I was the inspiration...pretty sure. We met downtown at the Renaissance Hotel in the Bridge Bar (which has had many an infamous night during the Country Radio Seminars that I've attended in the past) Up the escalator comes Roo....and a film crew preceded him. He had asked me to be on this reality show he was filming...and I passed without knowing anything about it. I'm just not a TV guy...did I mention? Turns out a crew is following Roo all over the place from Australia to Dallas to Nashville and filming a series charting his career path...trying to make inroads with his music here in the states. The director...nice guy from Dallas...also from Australia originally...was persuasive...and the next thing you know I'm all miked up and re-staging our meeting and then sitting down and talking songwriting and Roo's career as if it's a "natural" conversation. Two other songwriters joined in as they too had a cut on Roo's critically acclaimed "Cowboys and Sunsets" CD from this past year. I had a good time...and especially enjoyed getting to know Roo a bit. He's the real deal...rancher...country singer...cowboy. Great guy. I can only hope I didn't ruin their show. And when I hear if it's possible to see "Roo Meets Bill" on some video platform...I'll let ya know. TYPO I ran across this ARTICLE yesterday promoting our "Hits and Grins" concert tonight at Lee University in Cleveland, TN which is just a bit southeast of Chattanooga. Nice article...but if you check it...you'll see they called "Victoria" from our group..."Virginia". Close. And they spelled George Strait as Straight. Yikes. At our Cincinnati concert this past weekend...a great friend and columnist had my radio career starting in the 1800's. (I think that was pre-radio) I write a lot of stuff...and I'm constantly double checking...and then going back to re-edit mistakes I constantly make...so I'm not throwing folks under the ole bus. I've been guilty too many times to count. But...for the record....my radio career did start in 1900's and not the 1800's....and Victoria did not change her name all of a sudden to Virginia. (But it made me smile) BACON Is nothing sacred anymore? I was assigned to write a funny song about bacon being "cancer" bad for us yesterday for the New York folks. A fine line of dancing there. Now all of a sudden...red meat can kill us. Sigh. See you on the other side. And apparently...hot dogs are REALLY bad. If they stop making hot dogs...there may be no baseball games anymore. I think I'll take my chances....and as always...just don't tell me what's in that thing. BIKINI'S Have you ever noticed how magazines are quick to print pictures of women who stay in shape later in life...posed in a bikini to show how great they look? Wonder why they don't give equal time to men in their later years in a speedo? Not that I want to see that...but.....just asking the question. I also have a feeling that a lot of these women never once at a hot dog at a baseball game.

TODAY Off for a show tonight in Cleveland, Tennessee. Have a great Tuesday!

Home...but Road Again Tomorrow

BILL BLOG Monday October 26, 2015 Last week of October...66 for a high today....rain...leaves falling...lot of orange leaves on the front laws. That time of year. LONG ROAD TRIP I always think it's "great to go"...but even greater "getting home" after road trips. But gosh...we had fun on this three show run we just completed with "Hits and Grins" that started last Wednesday with a private show at the Opryland Hotel....a Thursday night show in Marysville, Ohio and then wrapping up Friday night in Newport, Kentucky. The Friday show was almost a "going home" type of thing for me because it was in Newport, Kentucky...which looks across the Ohio River at Cincinnati where I worked on the radio for years. A couple of quick highlights from Friday. I stopped by NASH FM Radio where my old radio partner Amanda Orlando now holds court every afternoon on the air...and we teamed up to record several on air breaks she used during her show that afternoon....the old "Bill and Amanda" show if you will. It was like old times...great chemistry and a lot of laughs as we hung out on air...and promoted our show that night which was held at the historic Southgate House Revival in Newport...an old church that was built back in the early 1800's. It now houses three music stages...and our trio played in the old sanctuary that night for a small but enthusiastic crowd. At the very least...we raised awareness for the "Play It Forward" foundation which raises money for local musicians in need...founded by my friend and Hall of Famer Gary Burbank. GREAT sound! Thank you Sean! And thanks to Tom Kaper for having us. I saw several old friends...including my old radio partner who came out with some listeners. We also met Bob Nave who was volunteering for the foundation. That name may not be familiar to you...but a song he recorded and helped write will be VERY familiar to many..."Green Tambourine". Bob was an old radio guy too...working on air for many years for the iconic jazz radio station WNOP in Cincinnati which was housed for many years in this unique broadcast building that floated on the Ohio River. Very cool hanging with Bob...and everyone else. And yes...we had the Skyline Chili TWICE! Must do things when one is in the region. Very fun road run...and today we pack again for a show south of Chattanooga tomorrow night. HALL OF FAME This weekend our Hall of Fame inducted some new members. All so deserving. Grady Martin...the terrific guitar player....The Oak Ridge Boys and the late Jim Ed Brown. Fortunately....before Jim Ed passed away...friend and Hall of Famer Bill Anderson went to his hospital bed and draped his Hall of Fame medallion around his neck. A moving moment for sure. Congrats to all of the new members. MUSIC CITY GROWTH I've blogged here before about how fast this city is growing. A million new people in 10 years they say. And here's more proof. This year Nashville will set a record for the amount of office space sold. We're busting at the seams. Part from businesses and people moving here...part from those of us who already living here eating too much biscuits and gravy. I'm no genius psychic...but I predict that folks who are into building new infrastructure will make a fortune here...soon.

TODAY Off to meet an Australian country artist...Roo Arcus who's in town filming a little reality thing about his life as a rancher/cowboy/country singer "Down Under". Roo just had a chart hit of a song I helped write called "If That's What Love Was" co-written with my friend and Roo's producer Jerry Salley. Weird having someone record one of your songs halfway around the world....so it will be nice to put a face with the great voice on the record.

Then...packing for a show tomorrow night in Cleveland, Tennessee at Lee University with my "Hits and Grins" trio. On the road...again.

Have a great Monday!