ACR/ ANGEL CITY REJECTS at this time are Over for the foreseeable future

I (Brian) have decided to put the band on indefinite hold. If you would still like to follow me (Singer/Writer/Creator of ACR) then find me on my main band page CRY ENVY. Thanks to all who came out and supported ACR over the past 3 years both in CA and CO.. I will begin Recording a new CRY ENVY Album on Sept 14th 2013..

Spring and Summer coming

Next show is an ALL AGES well 16+ show @ The GRIZZLY ROCK APRIL 10th $5... ALSO Booking New Shows Need a band???

ACR's Show Schedule 2012-13

We've added a couple show in the new year. For the rest of this year 2012 we have; WED. Nov. 14th @ The Toad Tavern 21 & Over. $3.00 to get in say you're there for Angel City Rejects.. we go on @ 8:30pm till 9:20pm w/MONSTER PUPPET & HARVEST of DECAY -------- SUNDAY Dec. 9th (Lets say it's my Birthday Show since it's the 1st, Brian) @ The Lions Lair we also go on 2nd this night. w/BLACK OWL SOCIETY (from Texas) and opener TBA $6 / 21 & Over ----------------------- 2013 Dates;

THURSDAY Jan 24th @ Hermans Hideaway we're on 1st here again with w/ BREAKING SILENCE and from Hollywood CA - Albert Garret & Acidic (more TBA) 7pm $5 21 & Over

---------- THURSDAY March 22 @ Hermans Hideaway w/ Odin's Other Eye (more TBA) $5 - 7pm - 21 & over

------ More TBA, Plus we are sceduled to begin Recording at the end of Dec...

New Show and New Songs!

Hey everyone, ACR has a new show coming up if you haven't heard yet it is OCT 25th @ Hermans Hideaway. Doors open at 6:30pm we (ACR) are opening at 7:30pm.... This set will consist of ALL NEW songs. (Not that we have forgotten about the old 8, but we wanted to start on a new note with all new songs). What we have for you is BRING ME TO MY KNEES SO HOT, STICKY SWEET PRETTY TORE UP SHE'S MY PLEASURE DON'T CHEAT ON ME GO DOWN I'M COMING HOME D.T.F. & I WANNA KILL YOUR PUSSYCAT

This set will blow you away.. and we're ready to rock it old school!

Hope to see everyone there.


ACR is working on New Tunes

and currently lining up new Gigs in Colorado. Keep your eyes and ears open... See ya Soon

Now the songs should be RIGHT

take a listen and feel free to download them for your personal use. All Songs (c) 2011 SNRC Music. Angel City Rejects

Hey to everyone visiting this site

In the next Month we are going to be recording our original songs. Here are the titles thus far; RUNNING ON EMPTY PLEASE,PLEASE ME SHE'S THE DEVIL DOWN ON YOU WHITE TRASH DON'T LOOK AT ME SHE'S ON TOP YOUTHFULL ARROGANCE & LIFE SUCKS (IT NEVER SWALLOWS) + 1 more coming (deciding what it is) All coming soon, stay tuned....