We are looking forward to playing out live again early in the new year. Those close to the Solare camp know it's been a "challenging" year and we are happy to end it on a positive note.

We were asked to contribute a song to Winter Is On My Head, a digital compilation of Christmas songs by Southern Californian artists to benefit the Orange County Rescue Mission http://rescuemission.org. Our song, "Ice Planet", was inspired by our Midwestern childhoods. The track will be available to stream online for the rest of the month. (Check it out on our Facebook page for example: http://www.facebook.com/solareband)

You may purchase the entire album by donating as much or as little as you would like via PayPal. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Orange County Homeless Shelter. To purchase or find out more, visit the official website here: http://www.winterisonmyhead.com

Even though it's been a while, it's worth mentioning that we also contributed a cover of the song "Daylight" to The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute to Failure-another record to benefit a charity. The proceeds from this record go to the Save the Music Foundation. Purchase and additional information can be found here: http://www.popuprecords.com/store.html


Guys we put up a new song for you all to hear called Summer Asleep and two new masters of Winners and The Story of the Moon. We are about to enter the studio and work on a handful of brand new songs which we are super excited about. It seemed the proper time to resurrect our myspace player so you all can share them and stuff.

Also, we are really revved about this show on Monday the 25th. The Troubadour was nice enough to let us put together the bill and make it a FREE ALL AGES night, so we could really use your support to make it a success. All the bands are friends of ours and some of our favorites. We are also premiering a couple of new songs in the set that most of you have never even heard.

Yes there are many cool things going on now and we hope to fill you in on more of them soon.

ps: we've been watching lots of steven seagal movies! watch out or he'll twist your arm right off!

psychobilly freakout

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is it possibly the funnest track on guitar hero 2???? i can't answer that question for you -but it's my vote for the moment. it is a bit strange when josh and i play - i create bass player chick avatar and he creates a guitar dude avatar and we rock out for hours on our plastic controllers. our fake band is called PYTHON. but we also have a real band called SOLARE. and it has been quite busy as well....

tony is not in the band anymore. he and josh have been working on music together for about 5 years in different bands. they moved out here from Mpls, MN together and he has devoted a lot of time and energy to this band in the last couple of years. he has moved on to other projects in the los angeles area. we hope to update y'all on this stuff soon.

we have a new drummer called nick. he hails from the same frozen section of the country as we do. we know him from our associations with various members of the wonderful bands "a whisper in the noise" and "vulvox" based out of Mpls MN. we are really excited about nick and comforted that our new member has a midwestern accent.

we have T-shirts. yes. they are selling quickly already and that's not even a lie. buy them here: www.solare3.net/store

if you are poor you can earn merch by doing some simple promotion stuff through our e-team website. it's easy and fun. we give you more exclusive gossipy news on there too. like for instance, information on the rumored split ep we are talking about doing with a great band... who could it be...?

we have been recording a lot with the unstoppable matt green. y'all will not be hearing this stuff for a bit yet, but we feel that it's by far our best work-by far.

as always we are continuing to grow and have a lot of shows scheduled, please join the mailing list for additional updates -ok.


you tear out the carpet in your car trunk to use it for vecroing down pedals. that's what josh is doing right now... that's normal right...

MAXIDUS  (almost 11 years ago)

you don't listne to reason and you can't listen to reason, even if you wanted to. & all you have is your music - a blessing & a curse. but you find out that when you stick to what you believe, even when it hurts that you were true to yourself... you feel me?


this thing seems pretty cool so we're tryin it out