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we are starting to feel like the modern day Spinal Tap!!! how many drummers can we kill!! les never forget Capt. America!! but there is one who is standing out from the rest and if he gets thru a whole band rehearsal next week then we got the Motherlode!!

motherlode at bighton bar

wow!! what a day today for us!! we had a show at the brighton bar long branch n.j. only one problem!! we had no drummer!!, so there was only one thing left to do!! that was call andrew james hughes!! he played our set list without ever hearing our music!! one hour to get there!! and the show went on cuz he was there to help us and go for it!! thanks bro!!! a Motherlode of luv for my bro!!!

a taste!!

check out the new track!! not yet mixed, so i will only leave it up for very short time...

shorefire recording studios

off to the studio will have a tune avail. for download asap!!

a motherlode is coming!!

a huge motherlode is just around the bend!!! keep posted and get your Motherlode ASAP!!!

Gary Moore

Gary Moore was one of the baddest guitar players ever!! his strong hard attack at leads was second to no other!! when i first heard him, i remember sayin to myself!! how do you get that strong!! that attack!! that passion and soul to come together and be so untouchable!! no tricks up his sleeve!! just raw and in your face. a true baddass guitarist. i will miss, freddie e. richards


motherlode has some really good news!! its bout an major endorsement for freddie e. richards! cant say just yet what it is but its a really big and has some of the most amazing guitar players ever!! if you been to one of our shows you may have noticed my rig!! hint? hmm?


motherlode is hard at work on original music and we are very excited to be a part of reverbnation... a great place for musicians!!