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South East Tour

Our Record is out, and we have big, real big plans for it. We've had it played in full on two radio stations, three different news outlets to review and write about it, and now we are booking a two week Summer tour throughout the Southeast. Our plan is to get this record out and people talking about it. So far we have coverd some ground but there is much more to do. Please join us and help spread the word about "Take It Back Home Recordings" and The Hufton Brothers. Thanks to all of our fans we adore you. Wilmington, NC is our home and we love you.

Take It Back Home Recordings

Our new Album is out. You can get your copy at Gravity Records or at the Whiskey. Thanks to all who has supported us. Much love THB

The Hufton Brothers
The Hufton Brothers  (over 5 years ago)

Great CD