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All of the songs off of my new CD Murder Your Darlings can now be streamed for free right here on my ReverbNation page. Please listen and tell your friends!!

Summer Schedule!

Hey friends, I just wanted to invite you all to visit my page and check out my summer show schedule. I am excited to have so many solid shows booked for July, August and September and would love to see your pretty faces! I am particularly happy to have just booked a gig at Bizarre Bazaar in Fort Collins CO. This is one of the coolest independent record stores that i have ever visited and i strongly encourage everyone to stop by and check it out. The owners are super nice and are widely versed on the music and books that they sell. Hope to see ya'll there on July 20th for a free show.

Everything's a Chore

"Everythings a chore. From the tying of my shoes to the closing of the door, the running hall the falling stairs, the crossing of the foyer floor."

Wednesday at The Meadowlark Bar

Looking forward to playing at the Meadowlark in Denver this coming Wednesday the 19th!

Back from the road, Continued...

And then it was on to Taos New mexico to play a show at the Historic Taos Inn. Great place, nice people, beautiful landscape, beautiful town = Perfect! Performing at the Adobe Bar in the Historic Taos Inn was by far the highlight of the trip. The staff was very nice and even put us up in a great room for super cheap which worked out well for us because it was rainy and cold for most of the time that we were in New Mexico. Even ended up meeting a girl from Fryeburg Maine who worked at the Adobe Bar and coincidentally new some of my closest friends in Portland! What are the odds of that happening?? Small world... On our way out of town the next morning we stopped at the Rio Grande Gorge which was spectacular and took in the sites for a bit. Very dramatic and very high but not nearly as amazing as the Royal Gorge just outside of Canon City, CO which we visited as well. The worlds highest suspension bridge (1,300 feet!!) After Taos it was on to Pueblo Colorado for the last show of the trip. Got to open up for a band called Laughing Season who were super loud and totally kicked ass. It was a strange mix of music having me open up for them given how different our sound is, but the audience really seemed to enjoy it. In the middle of my set some poor lady tripped over my guitar case and fell flat on her face which was terrible. I think that she was OK though.....I mean she stood up and took bow afterwards but I'm pretty sure she left immediately. Damn embarrassing. After the show we set up camp at Pueblo Lake State Park which is a beautiful spot about 15 minutes west of the city and ate hotdogs in the rain at around 1am. The rain didn't let up all night and at about 5 in the morning I woke up surrounded by pools of cold standing water with the walls of my tent collapsing in on me from all sides. I attempted to pack things up in the dark but the wind and the rain wouldn't let me and so I ended up trying to sleep in Steve's car wrapped in a wool blanket and a damp sleeping bag. Come daylight the rain was still pouring down and my sad little tent resembled one of those tube shaped inflatable arm waving guys that you often see outside of used car dealerships twisting frantically in the wind. Luckily I had put a bunch of heavy rocks inside of it to keep it from blowing away but at that point in time I really could have cared less. I think that tent has been pitched for the last time. By noontime the sun decided to show its face and we were able to piece together the mess from the night before, warm up and hit the road. Well that is the trip in a nut shell. Thanks to everyone who was there to share even a minor moment with us! Looking forward to the next one.

back from the road

Now that our short trip is over can honestly say that the only way it could have been better would be for it to not have ended. But like all good things etc, etc..... So now I am back in Fort Collins and longing for that self prescribed homelessness like a transient man with his foot stuck between two rocks: One being Reality and the other Responisbility. Performing on 88.9 KRFC in Fort Collins was a great experience and one to learn from. Playing on the radio provokes a strange feeling of disconnect from yourself and the "audience" because you never really know if anyone is actually listening. At least at a traditional venue you can look around and kind of see if the people are engaged or not and work off that energy but on the radio it is different. I had to censor the lyrics to some of my songs which while expected was still disappointing and disruptive to the overall message and delivery. Regardless of these things it was still a lot of fun and I want to say "Thanks" to Andrew and Vincent and Drew for Inviting me to play, Hosting the show, and Engineering the performance. Jives Coffee Lounge in Colorado Springs was great as well. And even though we weren't able to secure an official "Featured Artist" spot I still feel like we (Stephen Doherty and Myself) were received with attentive ears and praise from the listeners and the other musicians. Even sold a couple of CD's and made some good connections. A success all in all.

The Crack-Up

"Francis says he wants to go away and try his personality on a lot of new people." - Scott Fitzgerald

Never try to Catch a Falling Knife

An aspiring poet from Denver once told me: "Going to church doesn't make you a christian any more then standing in a garage makes you a car."

P.S Finally found the Post Office and mailed things to strangers.

This Afternoon

Fort Collins Colorado. Friday February 4th 2011. Overcast and mild. I walked around town this afternoon for about an hour looking for the damn post office but I couldn't find it anywhere. I asked a stranger for some navigational insight, but he just pointed back in the direction from which I had come. Probably should have looked up the Post Office online or something before I left the house instead of just winging it like I did. Stupid elusive Post Office..... Back at home. Drinking a beer. Playing the open mic tonight in Estes Park CO at Mary's Lodge. 7pm..... oh excitement.