"Velvet Superman" single-cd release party "Thank You!!"

Hey Sugarpops,

this is our first blog, so straight away i'll say that Lula sends y'all massive thanks for supporting us... Rock 'n Roll kudos for YOU !!

Oct.27th was our "Velvet Superman" single-cd release party/bash in Cafe Charlatan, Ghent, BE...fabulous!!

Our crew is so brilliant...smooth as clockwork, which smoothed my nerves as well cuz that particular day this little girl woke up "nervous"!!! *:P

Any day will be posting some pretty cool photos so please stay tuned!!

On other band matters, i'm happy to report we're moving forward in a productive and positive manner. The band is tight and we get along right!! Writing songs, organizing mini-tours and promo...we surely couldn't have gotten this far without your support. We work hard for you and love every second, so whatever you do...do it with SOUL POWER!!!

Truly and most deliciously yours, Cindy & Co. aka L U L A * S W E E T

p.s. at this point our singles can only be heard on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/lulasweet

Contact: lulasweet.productions@gmail.com +32.(0)497.173355

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