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We played the Red Room again..

We got added to the Red Room show with Ace of Spades(Matt Mc court From Wild Dog's Motor head cover band), but their guitarist got sick so Wild Dogs filled in and they were great! We got asked to open up at the last minute. We did okay but our singer was really sick. So it wasn't our best show but still had a great time. Red Room is always fun to play. Our next gig will be at the Twilight Cafe & Bar on Powell Blvd with Budget Airlines and a couple other bands on March 17th, 2011. We are headlining. It's 5$ i think? , Anyway's if you haven't seen us come check us out. We've been gigging since last year and have gotten better playing live. We want to record possibly this summer, money set backs have kept us from recording sooner. We have rough mixes up on here that sound pretty decent. Our drummer Kirk has a recording studio in his living room so we just do it that way. Anyway's that's about it for now. I'll keep this site more updated.