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Brute Forcz-New Compilation Album

Download "Live For Speed", from the new compilation album from Bravewords and LoudTrax.com http://www.loudtrax.com/bravewords/ Password is "BWBK"

Indie Metal Compilation

Brute Forcz will be part of a new indie metal sampler compilation by Bravewords.com and Loudtrax.com. The sampler will include the song, "Live For Speed", off of the bands debut EP, "Out for Blood". More on this great accomplishment and the bands first full length album soon to follow.

New Album

We are currently working on completing our first full length album. We will working again with the legendary Bob Kulick, and it is going to be BAD ASS !!!!!!!!!!

Brute Forcz..EP of the Year 2011

http://www.metal-rules.com/zine/content/view/2400/85/ 56559.jpg Best Metal EP/MCD

Brute Forcz - Kick Ass Heavy Metal

Every now and then in life we are introduced to some metal that is so over the top in it's sincerity and delivery that it makes us say "Wow, this is fucking great!" Such is the case with Brute Forcz, the kick ass heavy metal three-piece made up of professional wrestlers Slammer and Jammer and lead guitarist Will Wallner. The perfect combination of sleazy lyrics, eighties metal riffery and no nonsense approach make this a debut release to remember. If you don't "Dig It" like Macho Man Randy Savage, prepare to get dealt a steel chair spiked piledriver.

Brute Forcz in Adam Sandler Movie

Brute Forcz members Slammer and Jammer have just completed their first part in a major movie, "Jack and Jill", starring Adam Sandler. It was great working with such professionals, Adam and director Dennis Dugan made us feel really at ease, and we felt right at home in front of the camera. Now we just hope that we don't end up on the cutting room floor. We also hope this won't be our last opportunity in this field...........

New Music

We have just completed our first EP. It contains four songs and they all kick ass. The EP was produced and engineered by grammy winner and legendary guitarist Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen. We are very proud to work with such professionals and are sure you will love all of the tracks.