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Last minute show!!

Hey Everyone! Last night we were asked to fill in for a show tomorrow night at Soma! Of course we said "Yes!" because all of our friends are playing so how could we turn it down?

Here's the line up:

Under The Stone (we're opening) My Elysian Beneath Lanston Aghori In Every Breath (head lining)

$8 see you there!!!!

Show time!!!!

Next Saturday, April 9th, Under The Stone opens The Scurrilous Tour featuring TesseracT, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Protest The Hero. Tickets are $15.


Hello Friends, 4/9/11 UTS will be opening for TesseracT & Protest The Hero @ Soma Side Stage. Tix = $15.


Hello Friends, If you are a Last.FM user, please look us up and help us get an "Under The Stone Radio" started. Thanks! http://www.last.fm/music/Under+The+Stone

Century Media Records

Hello Friends, Century Media Records has posed the question: "Which local band should we sign next?" If you would like to see Under The Stone get signed to a record label, then head over to the link below and tell them so! Thanks, Under The Stone http://www.facebook.com/centurymedia

April 9th @ Soma

Protest The Hero Maylene and The Sons of Disaster TesseracT Under The Stone Tix: $15


1. We're playing at the IB Sports Park tomorrow so bring your skateboards!!! 2. Have you tried turning the "Under The Stone" upside-down yet?


Hey Everyone, If you have an account with Last.fm, please remember to find us on there and add us to your library. Thanks!!! Under The Stone

CDs and Merch!

We've got CD's and Merch available. Prices will be posted soon. If you just want a digital copy of the CD just go to iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Amazon or whoever you're favorite digital distributor might be.

Feb. 5 @ Brick By Brick San Diego w/ In Every Breath and Calamitous Intent.

Under The Stone will be hitting the road this year so if you want us to come play your favorite venue let us know!