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Summer booking

Summer booking now! Solo and/or group, piano and guitar. Looking forward to it!


Summer booking summer booking. Solo and group. Looking forward to it!


Working with a phenomenal bass player and percussionist/drummer. Several new recordings are up on the reverbnation page as well. What's that? You want new music? Well let's see what we can do about that...


Guess it's kinda silly growing up the classic rock stations called October "Rocktober", but this happens to be many people's (including my) fave time of year. So why not? This is our Rocktober, and I am breaking out the electric guitar more lately. I won't leave my acoustic roots though...no worries!

Slacker on the blog

Been too long. Getting a band together for those shows we know&love...

next up

got a beefed up version of "Share the Night" up...more gig announcements this week too...is this happening? cool.

Show switch

The bad: Inlet View show @ the beach got postponed to September. The good: I'll be in the mountains instead. August 19th @ Key City Grille in North Wilkesboro. Hey home folks: US421 is a fun route...come join us!


Dominoes! Hope y'all like it (listen to the whole thing now...)


Working on two new tracks. Both songs are completely new territory for me. When you hear them next week, you'll hear what I mean. New gigs on the way as well. Thx again everybody!


Check out The Barflyz. I play bass and these guys make me sound GOOD! Become a fan TODAY! www.reverbnation.com/barflyz