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Bottega Wilmington

Wilmington tomorrow night Bottega Gallery downtown...I'll be a-pickin and a-grinnin!

Bottega Gallery this Friday 9pm

I have a gig coming up at Bottega Art Gallery (208 north front street) this Friday@ 9pm. Hey it's Friday night, it's downtown Wilmywood, great artists, great art, free admission, cheap beer/wine, can I stop now?

Christmas comes early AND late!!

Gigs every thursday @ Fresh Cafe Fayetteville, Bottega Wilmywood Dec. 17th, Pour House Raleigh the 22nd, and back to Wilmy @ Juggling Gypsy Dec 27th...prove your love!

Sunday @ Berkley Raleigh

Next gig this Sunday Berkley Cafe 7pm.

new announcements

Thanks to everyone at Broad Street for attending. Great night all around. Next up is Hope Cafe in Raleigh this Saturday night @ 7:30pm. I also am the new host for open mic nights every Thursday at Fresh Cafe downtown Fayetteville. Come out and see real live music! Your friendly neighborhood songwriter.


While we're all in the voting mood, get on reverbnation.com and type "michael daughtry" under search. my page will pop up and there's a big "become a fan" button...hit it!! do it for your friendly neighborhood songwriter. it means a lot!

alright now

music is in our bones. i believe it. this is your friendly neighborhood songwriter here saying i have shows coming up...berkeley cafe in raleigh this thursday, and next thursday (nov 4th) at broad street durham...get those weekends started early! come on and enjoy some real live music!!


So next Friday night is 4th Friday in Fayetteville. I'll be @Fresh Cafe doin my thing from 6-9:30. Bring the kiddies no need for a sitter (unless you want to cut loose and that's cool too tiger tiger!) Broad Street in Durham (Nov. 4th @8pm) is a big deal too...need support to get asked back. Questions? facebook me or email mdaughtry444@yahoo.com ...your friendly neighborhood songwriter

two annoucements monday

i'm possibly setting myself up for a fall...two gig annoucements monday...i'll either say i got 'em or not...exciting huh? i started to post a negative blog last night, and guess what? my computer froze! Someone's lookin out for me! y'all have a good one...yfn songwriter...

gigs in the works

gotta few gigs in the works...i'm amazed at how many fellow musicians are content with playing a few times a month...seems like it's all or nothin huh? anyway, i hope to have some good news for those who want to get out on the weekends (not all of us can stay out at 1:30am on a tuesday!) so sit tight y'all. your friendly neighborhood songwriter