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Show in Satchmo on Dec 15th

We had a great time again at the singer songwriters evening yesterday @ Satchmo. I'd like to thank Laurens Reij and Chris James, who for the fourth time organized this. The audience was so very enthousiastic and that made it even greater to play for them in this small but nice café in Hoorn. A perfect opportunity for me to play new material. It was fun not performing on my own but being accompanied by Irma (bassguitar, piano, backing vocals) and Franca (backing vocals, percussion). It made it kind of more complete and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Franca also did the leadvocal in a few covers, she has a beautiful voice and she got a big hand from the audience! Go Franca! I hope to do some more projects next months and will keep you posted! Thanks for you support and attention!

Try-out @ Witte Theater

Last night we had our first gig with the band and it was so cool. After months of hard work, starting up the band, writing, rehearsing and all that we finally could let people hear what it's all about live. The reactions we got were so overwhelming and we expect to come back on stage next months with more new music. We will keep you posted.

De jacht op optredens is begonnen!

De jacht op optredens is begonnen. Als nieuwe nog niet bekende band willen wij natuurlijk aan de bak.

Er is al flink wat promotiemateriaal de deur uit maar de meeste boekings/promotiebureau's zeggen zoveel materiaal binnen te krijgen dat ze óf niet (overal op) reageren óf pas na enkele weken.

Zijn er meer bands/artiesten die aan de bak willen neem contact met ons op. Misschien kunnen we samen gigs organiseren!

Zijn er boekingsbedrijven die interesse hebben: GRÁÁG!

Neem contact met ons op!