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Together For Tommy

The Discontent are back together in their original lineup once again! In honor of our brother-in-rock and original drummer, Tommy Mastro, who is currently battling ALS, we have reformed in order to try and raise some awareness about this terrible disease and to make some original noise that all we created together over the last 20 years. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tommy every time we get together to play. Please visit www.togetherfortommy.com and help out in any way you can! See you at the shows!

The Summers Discontent

Hey there all you Seeds of Discontent, summers right around the corner and we want to see as many of you as possible at our upcoming shows! In case you have not heard, Eric is back on bass! Mark will still be around gigging with us, but you will see more and more of Eric our original bass player as well. Eric made his return to the fold this past Saturday at the tremendously successful Art Stock Tribute show at the world famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. If you missed this show you will be crying yourself to sleep at night until the inevitable next one! Also, our last recorded Demos from 2002 are now available on iTunes, The Soundspa Sessions. We look forward to seeing all of you real soon!

The Return to the NJ Club Scene

I am happy to say that The Discontent's return to the NJ club scene has been going great! We played a warmup at Primetime Sports Bar in Sayreville on 8-31 and The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ on 9-11 to a raucous and receptive welcome from fans both old and new alike. Saw some familiar faces,made some news friends, caused some hearing loss. A good time all around. Keep an eye out for The Discontent coming your way soon...

First Week on Reverb Nation

What's up my Seeds of Discontent? Well, the first week of The Discontent's return has been a huge success! Not only are we rising rapidly in the Local, National, and Global charts, we are also drawing in new fans like flies. We went from 32 fans to over 7,000 in four days! We will begin booking shows for the fall in the coming weeks and look forward to seeing you guys in person. In the meantime, enjoy the music, (we will be posting new songs and videos everyday), and please continue to spread the word! Without your support original independant music would wither and die. We have many friends on Reverb Nation as well as Facebook and MySpace and would like you to show them some love too. Until next time... Jessie, Mark & Greg THE DISCONTENT

Reverb Nation Rocks!

Thanks to Reverb Nation you can get all The Discontent you could ever want! I will be posting a new song everyday. There will be videos, interviews, band updates, shwag, upcoming show info and even chances to win free stuff! Thanks for all of your support. Jessie, Greg & Mark THE DISCONTENT