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New album for 2013

We've been working in the studio on a full length for release in spring 2013. Also, following the release, we'll be doing spring and summer tours! So get ready for a rocknroll massacre and stay tuned!

Working on things for the new year!

Hey everyone, It's been a long, slow process getting the band moving, but we are working diligently on many things right now. I had to take a couple months off because I tried out for "The Voice" (Singing competition/reality based TV show on NBC) tune in after the Super Bowl on NBC to see how I did and If I made it on. Anyway, that took up a couple months of time away from the band. Now I'm back and have been working in the studio and with my management to get the ball rollin' so to speak. I'm currently working on a 6 - 7 song EP comin' out in Early 2012. The EP will include the two tracks recorded in Nashville w/ producer Dustin Burnett that are up right now and available on itunes. I'm also working on a music video for the one tune "Days of the Walkin' Dead" due to show it's face around the same time as the EP release. Doing as much as physically and financially possible to move forward with the band, so please stay tuned, because there are many things in the works for Ducky & The Vintage. Oh and If ya got a sec, check out the new official Facebook page for the band and "Like" us. It's now www.Facebook.com/Duckydukemusic Honestly, Thanks for any support!!

New songs

Just got back from Nashville about a week ago after recording two new songs with producer Dustin Burnett. The band and I recorded @ beech creek studio in Brentwood, which was the nicest studio I've ever had the pleasure to record in. I worked with Dustin on two new tunes, which are sound amazing! There is a new approach to my style with these songs and He really polished up the sound while keepin' the dirt in there. Anyway, This new year things are gonna happen! I'm determined to keep writing, playing out more everywhere I can, and getting the music out there. The tunes are currently getting mixed and mastered and will be up for download in the near future. Stay tuned kats!!