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You’d think

You’d think we’d have the technology to test the air we breath, for the presence of a deadly virus!

You’d think we’d have the capability of creating a chemical combat agent that’d be used to kill it!

You’d think that’d be a lot safer and more effective than creating a vaccine and forcing it on us!

You’d think we’d think ahead if we knew we were at risk of losing a natural freedom!

You’d think we’d think out loud and in unison if it were the only way for us to keep it!

Wouldn’t you?

I am proactive about being in good health and do not need or want that crap in my body!

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤 https://tondou.com/bbfrtv

Safe & Well

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to check in to let you know that I am safe and well, and taking all the necessary precautionary measures to continue to be safe and well, and genuinely hoping the same is the case with each of you!

The daily news reports of the rapidly increasing number of new coronavirus cases may be extremely overwhelming for people who have had a friend, family or work related experience with it and are now in quarantine as a result.

Our friendships and relationships are essential to our psychological health and wellness, and if we stay connected, virtually if at best, as we’re getting through this, I believe we’ll do it without it feeling like gloom and doom!


Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤 https://tondou.com/bbfrtv

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Moral Purity Personal Hygiene Clean Environments Clean Substances Clean Surfaces Clean Water Clean Air etc.

From the richest of Industrialists to some of the poorest of individuals, in the parts of the world where most have the good fortune of all these things at their disposal, the least we can do for ourselves and the rest of humanity, is our part!

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤 tondou.com/bbfrtv

Navigating COVID-19

Our skin in its entirety is our body’s largest organ, and requires generous exposure to fresh air, sunlight and warm clean water for optimum health.

I wear them minimally and particularly while Navigating COVID-19.

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤

... the clothing we wear ...

Bare Body Freedom, because ... the clothing we wear in an infected environment could collect, transport and contribute to the spread of an airborne virus!

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤

Public Safety

Dear All,

Plans for the “Naked 2020 Rallies” have been cancelled indefinitely and the “Naked Book Signing” tour has been postponed until after the containment of the Coronavirus.

Thank you all again for your interest, patience and support!!!

Be safe! Be well!

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤 TonDou.com

Naked Book Signings / Readings / Discussions ...

Naked Book Signings / Readings / Discussions will be a cornerstone of all my future events, and anyone who wishes to participate completely bare, need only bring their copy of “Bare Body Freedom, because ...” with them.

The recorded commercial retail sale of the book will be a major factor in determining the effectiveness and future of the movement, and I want you all to know that I am genuinely grateful to you for your continued support.

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤

Hardcover https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/bare-body-freedom-because-anthony-douglas/1135917571?ean=9781734239300

Paperback https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/bare-body-freedom-because-anthony-douglas/1135917571?ean=9781734239324

... the Race is Officially on!

Dear Friends, Fellow Advocates and Supporters, the Race is Officially on!

If we get the word out and get the book out to enough actual readers by the end of Summer 2020, we will rank among human rights causes thought to be worthy of serious mainstream media attention and recognition.

If/when you are able to fit it in to your budget and schedule, buy the book, read the book and rate the book, and let me know as soon as possible if you might be interested in participating in a public “Naked Book Signing”, “Naked Book Reading” and “Naked Book Discussion” event in or near your community, and/or elsewhere.

Some of the live footage that will be captured at these events will be featured in the “Bare Body Freedom, because ...” documentary, (formerly the “I was Naked” documentary, and I would be honored to include you.

I do not use social media messaging apps, so if you would please send any concerns, questions or recommendations to me via email, I will be able to get them and respond to them more easily and quickly, thank you all, again.

Sincerely, Ton Dou �❤️� Bare Body Freedom, because ... https://www.book2look.com/book/hgrlsLI36k

If we fail ...

If our past experiences leave us bruised so badly that they set us on a collision course with future opportunities and a broader horizon in life, we have not learned the lessons they could otherwise have taught us!

If we fail to put the remnants of our old injuries into proper perspective, they will interfere with the prospect of new friendships, partnerships and relationships, and do more harm than good in our lives until we do!

Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤 https://tondou.com/ “Bare Body Freedom, because ...”

... achieving a victory.

Dear Friends and Fellow Advocates,

The commercial retail sale of “Bare Body Freedom, because ...” has taken the movement mainstream, and if the book finds its way into the hands of a substantial number of actual readers, it can be determined and verified that there is a high-level of interest in the freedom to be who we are naturally, harmlessly, respectfully and responsibly, without fear and shame, and persecution and prosecution, and that could ultimately be key to achieving a victory.

Photographic highlights of the journey are featured in the book, and actual event footage will be used in the “I was Naked“ documentary, which has been retitled, “Bare Body Freedom, because ...”, after the book, for congruency.

Currently the book, which in many ways is more in-depth and intimate, is the source for what I have tried to do up to the date of its publication, and the documentary, which will be complete in Autumn 2020, will summarize it all.

By donating to the production of the “I was Naked” documentary, (for which you will be receiving a TDL UFC bracelet and signed copy of “Bare Body Freedom, because ...”), signing and sharing the petitions and publicly interacting with my often-times risky posts, you have been the absolute best and most courageous supporters a cause as openly and widely criticized as this could ever expect to have, and I want you to know that I am genuinely grateful.

Sincerely, Ton Dou 👣❤️🎤