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Abstract Thoughts Pt 8

Well, looking into things.... So, who knows how to be a Manager? Time to expand.... Broaden.... Spread out.... And such and such. Never doubt your ability in what you do, or what you want to do, what you want to be.... You're always going to be your biggest enemy, your biggest rival.... Thought about dumbing down my music, not a good idea.... Thought about changing my style for some guys, not a good idea, this abstract blog today is basically saying be yourself... Best idea I've had today. Oh, The Nevermind Era Project is out. I haven't gotten in the mood to promote it... I should do that huh? Lol. You can't amount to much if you don't try. Everyone is not privileged, so you have to give it your all. I posted my favorite song to the project, 'SouthernPlayalistic' it's just a good vibes track. Enjoy. Stay blessed.

Abstract Thoughts Pt 7

The music industry is pretty ruthless. I was recently watching a video that gave inspiration however. If you don't have the mindset that you're going to succeed, don't even try. Yet, there's still tons of doubts that linger. Every musicians friend shall say, oh, that's dope. Oh, I like this. Oh, you should send it to the radio. It's hard to get outside feedback however. I'm sure people are tired of the now regular 'Facebook rapper' I do believe my music is dope tbh, but I also think it's a pitfall at the same. If the music I consider to be dope can't get on the radio, then should I reconsider my stances? I stray so far from the stereotypical 'fad music' to the point that I refuse to make it. But it seems those are the songs receiving attention. I can't even get Facebook friends to open a link. There are still many avenues to explore down this path though. I told myself I'd exhaust them all in 2016 before deciding if I want to continue creating music. It's a deep passion, so if my voice is never heard, perhaps I can just make Vibing music for myself. Basically, guys, all my fellow early 90s babies, we're at that age where we need to begin cultivating our dreams into reality. Whatever you wish to be, you need to begin taking the first steps into it. Believe in yourself when someone else does not. Who knows, maybe we can cross paths one day and talk about our tribulations to get into our respective dream careers. Be blessed.

Abstract Thoughts Pt.6

Well...so much has changed, to put it bluntly. Guess whose still at the bottom!!! Lol.the little minor steam I had from my two mixtape is gone, it happens when you join the army and have no time to record. But learned many things, though I'm pretty sure shooting a m240 wouldn't help out my music unless I hold a record executive at gunpoint hahahaha.....getting back into music is difficult.very difficult....no longer are you a 17 year old kid...ill be 23 on Nov 3rd... so many things come with that....life experiences,priorities, bills,etc....the question is,what makes one stand out from a million hopefuls? Obviously,the sporadic and tiny output over the last three years speaks levels... experimenting...analyzing feedback...but the matter is,I've lost direction....How do you find your direction... How do you simplify it... boil it down.How do you nurture it to strangers again ...I'm not sure. How do you attempt to stand out from Facebook rappers? No one has time for Facebook rappers.even me. Hypocritical,yes...the wishful thinking of a 17year old, huh. Cupping the world in his hands....thinking ,as Nas would say, the World Is Yours...Oh well... I have a pet project I want to do. It's clear if you see the cover photo on every single profile I have....I know how to shape it...but to present it...that is the defining task for every rapper. Peace, love, harmony~ZM

PS~ I'll be updating this regularly like I used to. It's good to sit back and unravel thoughts I see, even if I'm the only one perusing this. Hahahahaha

Abstract Thoughts Pt.5

i wonder......lately i've been getting good feedback...that's always encouraging.....but still, the acceptance is only a one sided universal....if i make a different type of track, then i'm considered selling out....and i'm not even major hahaha....so what should i do, really??? confusing....

Abstract Thoughts Pt. 4

well, i'm really pondering what the heck fanreach is even for. all of my fans are artists, too busy promoting their own music, so when they go on the fanreach thing and i set up a promotional mission, for the past three days, thats been blank, i've been the only one promoting. hmmmmmm, something's fishy here. on other things, Rich Things & Alien Dreams: The Journey (Officially from here on shortened to RTAD:The Journey) the mixtape is currently under....construction? and so is The Windows mixtape, and i plan on both being "sagas", not no dern trilogies :). oh, and one more note. yes, some people was like, is he signed? well, yes, but, to an indie (independent) label known as Redline. its an upstart label out in Virgina, and there's already talk of a group mixtape being pushed (hooray!!)two great producers, and when i push my mixtape and we push Redline's, i wonder?????? oh yeah, and the only two confirmed tracks that shall deff be on my mixtapes will be "I Don't Know" and of course "Being Myself", return of 90's rap!!!! whoooo!!!! check out number 6 out of 452 artists in Fayetteville, N.C guys!!! and i wonder if anyone is open for collaborations.....yeah, i do free collabs, i'm not bigheaded.

Abstract Thoughts Pt. 3

so, here i am, rambling in my own personal thoughts.....in a short time, i have become affiliated with and now connected to Redline Records, an upstart label in virgina.....the first thought i had? "ehh, what the hell."

Abstract Thoughts Pt.2

you never know when something good is gonna happen, do you? i mean, the really, really, really, good things. it's unexpected. what if YOU held the key for me??? it's a fearful thought. but in all actuality, it's true. YOU dictate whose successful, whose accepted, and whose not. so i really can't compromise with you on any endeavor, and hope you enjoy my future movements......geez, i have chills. wait, and if you haven't notice by now, i tend to be everywhere with my thoughts.....i really don't why....everyone says i'm random when i talk...is that good???? just fragments of my thoughts, it's all that it is, intellectual pieces that leave you guys like, what is this kid trying to say??? hmm, if i find out myself, and if it's not offensive (i really hope it's not, i don't like being rude most of the time)then i'll explain it....so, i guess, no wait! okay, one more random thought, i wanna do a mixtape right now. i know it's impossible to get in a live studio with you guys, but one of my influences, "The Foreign Exchange", didn't have to do that, (well duh, now i'm sounding dumb, but, hey :)) so, if you need my email, its chaotikbliss@yahoo.com, i'd love to work with any of you guys, no SERIOUSLY, that's why i became a fan. so, Peace, Love, Harmony~~H.Jones

Abstract Thoughts Pt.1

i wonder if anybody still do blogs these days....well, i guess i'll start a series of my thoughts....first off, there's the general belief, that the general population, generally marks my form and expression of music as the lesser the Hip-Hop community, a "social inferior".Perhaps i shouldn't be as conscious with my lyrics, find myself a gimmick, and create a new dance along the way...i'm aware of the recent support, and even if it's not in the hundreds, shoot, i'm happy :). But, what does a beginner expect? everyone starts down there with the dirt, and, at the moment, that's where i am. but i do expect for my music to reach a broader audience someday, if not mainstream(which has to be catchy and degrading songs) then the preferable underground scene. everyone stay up with your music, support me, and i'll always support your music 100 percent. Peace, Love, Harmony,~~Harlem Jones

ONE BEYOND  (about 7 years ago)

Imma keep my ear out 4 U fam; KEEP IT 1HUNNIT

Zaylin Matthias
Zaylin Matthias  (about 7 years ago)

good look man, and keep doing you too!


Already a guy struggling to get plays.......that itself encourages less school work and more flirting