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October Skies

Hello friends, hope you are well. I haven't wrote in awhile so I thought I'd say hi. I love October so much, I think it's my favourite month. Wild Geese Are Flying from album 'The Wild Places' was written in October and in it I share a great passion for autumn :-) Thank you for your continued plays and support. I'm always really grateful. Love S x

Christmas Blessings xx

Happy Christmas Blessings everybody. The new album is still with Santa's Elves being pressed and packaged into loving bundles of delight. Will update soon… Big love x Stella x

Springtime is near... x

Happy March 1st! Spring is in the air and the birds are pairing up again. Saw a male collar dove doing his little bowing down, chest out, song and dance this morning to a lady dove on a telephone wire... On a musical note - there is to be a full week of recording taking place next week for the new album. Adding more instruments and starting some new songs. Lovely. :-) Xxx Peace and Love Sx


Just sending a little hello out there into the great Cosmos! Hope you are are well :-) The new album is taking shape nicely... about half way there now. Love Stella Xxx

New album!

Hello friends, Hope you're all well. My new album can be seen at www.stellahomewood.com Happy days x

Festive Wishes

Wishing you all the best for the coming year 2012! Stella x