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Detroit Rock Review's review of Kings In Pieces new album The Lion's Share

After a 4 year stint tearing up the Nashville scene, Kings In Pieces (KIP) returns home to the motor city to drop their latest release, Lions Share, Friday Night at Diesel Concert Lounge, recently named “Best Rock Club” in Detroit by Real Detroit Weekly, and will undoubtedly be greeted by their huge legion of fans who have been waiting for this night since the band headed south. Leaving home was not an easy choice for KIP after becoming one of the hottest local bands on the Detroit scene, but it has paid off handsomely as the 4 piece rock outfit returns with a pocket full of catchy rock melodies that draws comparisons to that of Staind, Daughtrey, or even Alter Bridge. Filled with soothing yet rocking vocals and rifts, KIP wastes no time dropping The Plan as the lead-off track that cuts through the night with an edgy blues tone that made us sit upright, reach for that knob, and crank it up to 10! (We would a hit 11 if we could have!) Recorded between Nashville and Detroit’s The Sound Shop, KIP delivers a mind blowing experience along the way with tracks like the revenging Die for Me to the soothing country rock vibe of Falling Down, Kings in Pieces have definitely positioned themselves to conquer the kingdom of Detroit’s local music scene!

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Our Interview with Lone Wolf

The current Featured Artist: Kings In Pieces out of Detroit Michigan has a sound like a cross between Alice In Chains And Three Doors Down with a touch of Aaron Lewis of Staind.Be assured that THIS sound is all their own though.Kings In Pieces have such an appeal to their sound accented by phenominal haunting vocals of Jimmy Pecor.Lyrics listeners can relate to and draw memories from personal experiences from.An exceptionally talented band which is obviously why they were chosen as this month's Featured Artist.There is now doubt this band WILL go a long way.-LoNeWoLf

LoNeWolf: Your band was formed in April of 2007. Obviously by the sound of the band you all had prior experience.What musical experience did you guys have prior to this band?

K.I.P: We've all played in various bands over the years. From choir to piano, school band you name it.

LoNeWoLf: Have you guys always played this style of music?

K.I.P.: No, we've all played different styles. Our backgrounds vary quite a bit. We think its what we bring individually that makes our sound.

LoNeWoLf:Who have been your influences as far as music is concerned?

K.I.P.: Everyone and anything. We all grew up listening to different styles. Collectively though we'd say Alice In Chains, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, and Clutch.

LoNeWoLf: Who writes the music and lyrics in the band?

K.I.P.: Jimmy Pecor writes the all the lyrics. Shaun Zisler,Johnny Larose and Kyle McAlpine all kick in their own ideas and riffs as far as coming up with the musical end.

LoNeWoLf: Of the songs you have written do you have a personal favorite?

K.I.P.: If we had to pick one, it would be Addiction. Ifs by far our most powerful song.

LoNeWoLf:The band uses some impressive brands of equipment that obviously contribute to the refined sound.Do you currently have any endorsements?

K.I.P.: No, not currently. We do have a few local sponsors however.

LoNeWoLf: I understand you have an important show at TNT's Bar And Grill in Clinton Township on March 13th coming up.Would you like to elaborate on the details and significance of this show?

K.I.P.: Actually we just signed a development deal tonight and unfortunately playing the TNT's show on the 13th would be a breach of contract for us. However we will be playing the Emerald Theater( located in Mt Clemens MI) on the 19th. It will be our first showcase sponsored by Carribean Tan. There will be a beauty pagent as well.

LoNeWoLf: Have you been approached by any labels?

K.I.P.: Actually we just signed with M.A.M.A. Productions.

LoNeWoLf: Any new music in the form of an EP or CD coming and will the style be the same? Any upcoming tours nationally?

K.I.P.: Sorry, have to refer back to the previous answer. We were going to release our album online in digital format for download on the 1st of April. Unfortunately this is also a breach of contract. Our album could be delayed as much as one year, not real sure as of yet. Its all part of our deal. Don't worry there will be new songs included, we'll keep you posted. As far as tours anything beyond regional will also be at least a year in the making. We will be playing a few select gigs out of state , such as The House of Blue in New Orleans.

LoNeWoLf: Where can readers buy your music?

K.I.P.: No where as of yet. Like We said everything is kinda on hold for the moment. As soon as we hear more we'll let you know. In the meantime you can hear us at: www.myspace.com/kingsinpieces or www.sonicbids.com/kingsinpieces Thank again for all the support Jimmy,Shaun,Johnny and Kyle

LoNeWoLf: Thanks guys for your time and definately keep me posted what new is happening.Hopefully there will be some shows down the line.

Detroit Rock Review's review of our 2-2-08 show at TNT's

Saturday night over @ TNT's was proof positive that good old rock & roll is alive and well! After seeing the mass of people assemble inside this eastside rock club, there should be no doubt left as to what is hot today, and that is good ol' Rock & Roll!! What a mad house as this was billed as a free show, if you knew the band, and in a new twist on the "list" was that you had to have a test message sent to you by Dismantle in order to get in for free! Technology at it's finest! Well, starting the night out was a band that we hadn't seen before, nor did we stumble upon them as we have talked about many times before. Instead, we were given a heads up by Mark from MAJ Entertainment about one of his favorites called "Kings In Pieces". Well tally ho, this band got up on stage and from about I'd say the 3rd note we were hooked! An amazing voice was emulating from the stage that was none other than Jimmy "The Knife" Pecor from "One Day At A Time"! Always did like that band and now we see why! Opening the set with I Believe King's In Pieces laid down an awesome set that just made you sit up and listen, Pecor's vocal cutting through the air with one of those vocal synthesizer things! Rolling out 11 songs, King's In Pieces cranked out songs like Fade Away and Wicked Need before slamming it home with Addiction. With Shaun Zisler (guitar), John Larose (bass), and Kyle Mcalpine (drum) rounding out the line-up, Dr2 will be on the look out for these guys again soon, you can to by heading over to our MySpace page where you'll find Kings In Pieces listed in our "Top Friends" list! X equals Y was scheduled to be next, then were listed as no shows, but actually did show up in time to play. Appearing to be "Rap Rock" something or other, X equals Y may have been better off staying home tonight as they literally emptied the place. A real let down after the opening act, Dr2 was a bit disappointed, but with Dismantle looming in the house, you had to stick it out..... .....As always, remember Detroit Rock Review is the ONLY place for Local Music News & Reviews! Support Local Music Before It's Gone!