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SupreemEnergy Entertainment is droppin ICE WAVE , a mixtape featuring various UPstate artists including myself. Shout to Preem Cabey. I will also be interviewed on her blog, The Hood Shopping Network, check for it this friday. Also, I got some acoustic hiphop covers comin to YOUTUBE ,my channel is badmanDUST , hit me on my twitter , badmanDUST , I follow back .....+ D U S T + .....

Whats Shakin

New to this shit, basically no actual knowledge of computers or engineering or any of that, but the one thing you can bet on is the lyrics are always hard, the energy is always up, and if you show me love, you get love back. Its Dust and The Don D, The Tag Team Champeens, alongside Young Stephlur, Good lookin out on tha studio my dude! Show your support for Hard Upstate HipHop, check us out!!!!