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Ken Willcox is back in Swill.

We'd like to welcome Ken Willcox back into Swill. It's been two years and we're hoping to pick up from where we left off and quickly get back out there gigging and recording. Hope to see YOU soon!

New tracks!

Hello from Swill -- PLEASE go to our site and check out the newest Swill tracks NOW!!!! These tracks are the newest Swill songs, just recorded this past weekend with our new singer, Tim Fischer. We eliminated all of the old tracks and want everyone to focus on what Swill is doing now. Within the next month or so, we will be posting more Swill songs featuring Tim. As always, make sure you take a look at our calendar for upcoming events. .....and let us know what you think of the new Swill songs!

New Singer!

Swill is excited to announce the addition of Tim Fischer on lead vocals!! Our first show will be announced soon......

CD release party!

It's been a LONG time coming but it's finally here. The release party for our CD: "ONE - ...the Mid-Life Crisis Sessions". Doors at:9pm. We are honored to have an incredible local, original rock band called Sin District opening the show. Admission is $5 at the door, no tickets necessary. The CD will be available for ONLY $5! That's right, our 12-song CD will be available for $5. We will also have t-shirts available and other things. PLUS, there will be giveaways. Guitar Factory is sponsoring this event and have donated a Squier electric guitar for us to giveaway. We will also be giving away a SMOOV E-Cig kit with 4 different flavor juices (compliments of Vapor Trail) and a $50 gift certificate to use towards a tattoo from Sikora Old School.

Yes this is a few days after Christmas...so bring your whole family down. They'll be in town and won't have anything else to do. We guarantee this show will be fun, with good music, cool people, lots of giveaways, ....and hell....we can even ring in the new year early :)

New tracks!!

We recently posted 5 new tracks from our soon-to-be-released full-length CD "the Mid-Life Crisis Sessions". Please take a few minutes and check them out! The CD will be out soon and Swill will be gigging again by December 2012!

New track!

PLEASE take the time to listen to, and comment on, our new track! This song is one of the 12 tracks off of our upcoming full-length CD...due out around October. Thanks!

Swill in the studio now!

Just wanted to post some info for anyone who is interested. Swill is currently in the studio working on a full-length CD. While we are trying not to give out too much info about the CD, I can tell you that it will have 12 tracks. We are recording at Watchmen Studio in Lockport, NY with Doug White. We are scheduled in the studio for a few days each month up until September and hope to have the CD pressed and available by October. We hope YOU will buy a copy. Thanks for reading.... and for supporting Swill in whatever way you do. Scott Kent

Here we go!

Swill performs this Friday night at Chuggers (1800 Union Rd) in West Seneca. We go on around 10pm. Keep checking back with us and become a "fan" if you haven't already. We are going to be busy over the next few months with many gigs leading up to us going into the studio (Watchmen Studio - Lockport NY) to record at the end of June and early July! This will be the first official recording of Swill with the current line-up and the first recording since 2009! Stay tuned as Swill is finally on track for a great summer.

Thank you to original music fans!

As we get older it becomes more and more difficult to stay true to what you believe and to stay true to whatever principles you have. Forces pull you in all directions and expectations can be overwhelming. When you are a musician it can be a bit frustrating. As you get older you're supposed to "stop trying to be a rockstar" and "grow up". You are either expected to stop writing your own music or quit playing music altogether. When i started playing out regularly in my first band it was around 1992. As it was then, it is now with me...I only find enjoyment playing songs that I write. Sometimes other people like them and sometimes they don't. It's just frustrating when people won't even give it a listen. I know that original bands will not be paid as well as cover bands, even though they often work harder. I have been asked to join so many cover bands I lost track...but for me, even though the pay is less and the recognition is non-existent, this is what i love to do. Sometimes it's a fun challenge to see what you can accomplish when you ignore everyone telling you it won't work LOL So...thank you...all of you who support original bands. Scott Kent

Almost ready!

Swill is just about set to make it's debut in Buffalo. Summer 2011! It's taken a long time to get here. Keep an eye out for us!