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New Video Coming Soon..

Paper Wait will be getting the usual stock footage/youtube cheaply produced video. It should be as boring and cheesy as the older ones. Yayyyy!

New Management for Lloyd Nine!

The Sabier Group proudly welcomes Lloyd Nine to our stable of Recording Artists. The new Album 'Ignore Amos' should be ready for a late 2012 release. Club dates to follow.

Ignore Amos set for recording.

The 2nd Album from Lloyd Nine continues to gather steam. A session band is being designed and we are still looking for a good drummer to step in on a few tracks. The demos are getting cleaner and sharper, vocal recording is getting to a respectable place. This will be a far more vocally indulgent record. This is the return of YachtCore. Keep a word out for the 9.

Lloyd Nine Records

Technically, this qualifies as music. I can at the very least say that I finished an album of music in my life. That it may good good or bad is neither the purpose or the intent, it is merely a draft of an image within the shadows of music that have crept around the halls of my waking subconscious.