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hey everyone its been a min since i've talk 2 u guys,i have been busy recording 2 finish my album and also rehearsing for upcoming shows,i had a show opening for cam'ron in montreal canada and it was posponed until....Because canada didn't let him in the country so i'll let u guys know when it will be but i have alot of other shows coming up thats gonna be bananas,i'm just getting myself together for it!!!

laura pyle
laura pyle  (over 7 years ago)

Can hardly wait.....hope at least some will be within tri-state area...yeah!!!!

i'm loving my life!!!its envy bish

hey everyone its been a min since i've spoke 2 u guys,but i'm still grinding,in the studio finishing my album and preparing myself for my upcoming shows,i got a snippet of my new single"sugarcane",its bananas i hope u guys like it!!its envy bish

its my day everyday all day,especially today its my bday you'll!!!!

wasup everyone i'm so excited my day been great so far,i have a show coming up on sep 20th so i'm rehearsing 4 that and i'm finishing my album also, but right now i'm just shopping cause its my bday,i'm just loving life my official video is out"bicycle dance" so thanks guys for all your support and don't forget 2 follow me @ twitter.com/envycarrmusic, enjoy your day!!!its envy bish

laura pyle
laura pyle  (over 7 years ago)

just stopping by to wish you good luck on your show.by just looking at your videos i know you will bring it.its envy!!!