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2012 and beyond

We started an interim website while our official site is being worked on. Check us out @: http://guibm.webstarts.com/ For 2012, We have returned to the studio to work on our next release "Devastate". With the evolution of our trademark gui-bm sound. This release will continue the journey into the life and experiences of LEVEL 2.0. Already halfway done with this release. I can already promise this is even better then our 2011 release "BSZ". And now with Alex Matheu (Negative Format) returning to do all final production & mastering. The overall quality couldn't be better. Release Date: Late Summer 2012


The new album "Battle Sight Zer0" is finally all set and ready to be printed. A lot of time and personal meaning was put into this release. The last album Armageddon was written on point from day to day about our daily personal experiences in 2008. And with this release, We picked up right from where we left off. So the album started off in 2009 being about the obstacles of going through a lot in my new endeavors alone. To Matt doing his Military tour in Iraq(2010). So this was definitely not a normal go in the studio and make song by song album. It was difficult writing to some of the music, Because of the issues I was dealing with and almost didn't want to write because I felt so lost. And with Matt being away, Only he and the ones who served with him no the obstacles he went through. And believe it or not. Matt came out with a purple heart after his experiences. So from across the world from each other we ended up finishing this album. And only becoming stronger. I have no doubt that any fan of EBM/Industrial music will feel the intensity in each track chosen for this album. _Mike LEVEL 2.0-Nilaihah Records / Nemesys Music 2011

End of 2.010 & Plans for 2011

Spent most of this year working on various recording projects. My job took alot of time away from finishing our new album : "Battle Sight Zero" until I left that job of 12 years so I could focus more time on LEVEL 2.0 and pursue more convenient endeavors. And with my partner Matt overseas serving our country. It definitely was a different kind of year for 2.0. Performing without him, finishing touches on certain tracks, and etc.. See ..We are very productive with 2.0. At one point in 2008 we we're making a song a day lol. We had to obviously cut 75% of the songs to fit on the album and just left the rest for ourselves to enjoy over time. But thats just how we are. Not saying musicians don't do it for the sheer enjoyment of just expressing themselves. But it is and has been a way of life for Matt and I. Every song, every story has its own personal meaning to us. We honestly do it for ourselves. So this past year, Being apart from doing the music. Has definitely slowed the process of the new album. But in the end, The new album has now just grown stronger with the addition of newer tracks. So as for 2011, Battle Sight Zero will be released. And also my side projects: AuxCntrl, Cinergy, & 216 that I write,record, & produce will finally ( and I say finally cuz its been along time coming) But finally release something new. Also have started production on Ferno (Hiphop artist from LI) new EP. So alot to look for from LEVEL 2.0-Nilaihah Records And Nemesys Music in 2011. Hope everyone has a happy New Year.

LEVEL 2.0 on reverbnation

Just wanted to first off say hello to all the LEVEL 2.0 fans. As of right now. I am in the middle of booking a short tour with Cryogen Second & Synapse. Two awesome US bands in the electronic/industrial scene. We will start in Nashville and head across north back to my home of Long Island, NY. This month we will be playing @The Sullivan Room w/ Sonik Foundry-The Dossier-The Baron Miscraca. Also in the works for booking more US locations.

As for studio work. While my partner in 2.0 Matt has been serving our country in Iraq. I have been doing some finishing touches editing our next album titled "Battle Sight Zero". Which with no doubt promises to be the best and strongest release to date by us.

Also I have been doing some remix work of my own for some artists in the electronic scene.(Sonik Foundry, The Azoic, Kronik Kondition..and some new trax from side project Auxiliary Control)