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write a song

get out a musical instrument, make some sounds with it and sing out loud about something that bothered you in the last week. record this on something. you will have an instant hit:)

The New Album

I've been working at least 2 days a week for several months now on my new album, Houston: Our Roots Are STrong. It's coming out for Houston's 175th Birthday this August 2011. Currently, I'm raising funds for the new album. The goal is around 26K. Go to www.OurRootsAreStrong.com to see the budget and what we are trying to accomplish with this project. I'm very proud of my work on this album. My producer and bass player, Paul Beebe, helps me with a lot of the arranging once the songs have been written. We have worked on 2 albums together..this is the 3rd and so we've got recording down. I'm thinking about releasing one of the new songs "Our Roots Are Strong" about live oak trees onto itunes and using proceeds to help fund the album. hmmmm. will keep you posted.