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MuscleMouth on the radio in the UK

In the second week of August my song MidiLatencyTester, from my new album SpaceTrashCollector, hit the charts on Music World Radio in the UK at #14. I got an immediate rush of traffic to my sites and my stats went crazy, for one week. I fell off the charts the next week but was still listed on their site. Now my song Springtime, from my last album WhiteLineSunUp, is up for vote and could possibly make it to the charts next week, if people vote for it. It doesn't help to vote multiple times from the same IP address they say, however, if you can, vote crazily, vote consistently, and vote often, please. This song deserves serious airplay and has the potential of worthwhile success, but it needs to be heard. Please vote for MuscleMouth at http://www.topchoons.com

MuscleMouth and Dwavehed album

MuscleMouth is in the process of writing an album with Dwavehed. The duo were the horn section of the now defunct band Bucketfunk of late '90's fame. Watch for this insane electric fried funk frenzy.