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Im Bac

Its been a min but we live all over again w/ new music. Feel free 2 chec it out

Rise Of The Indie Artists

Us as up and coming artists we all dream of becoming big in this music industry. And thats a beautiful thing. That means theres so many ways to view life expressed in our music. But honestly speaking I think we have a better chance if we stic together. A fellow artist doesn't have to be looked at as an enemy. Why not look at him or her as person that could possibly help you reach new hights in your career. Careful whose toes you step on while your on your way to the top. Cause they might be attached to the ass you might have to kiss on the way down.

Sup Everybody on Reverb Nation

Hey check out inthaypher.com submit your music and you just might get a chance to get heard all over the tristate. Any leads holla @ ya boy cuz we all in this together peace!!!