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Okay Gifted ENT. fans we are looking to bring you guys merchandise for y'all too rock in fashion so as that been said what type of gear would y'all be interested in wearing?please let us know and we can make it happen.

New Music

what's good world just letting y'all know that Gifted Ent. has been working very hard too bring y'all some new music for y'all too bump in ya ear drums so as that been said lookout for Playa Mook freestyle mixtape D-Syhne aka Shyne Capone Ep and Jae Wright will be dropping a project for the fans too all new music for the 2k14 and beyond

Cypher Video

please continue too send us your freestyle video too dj_reggulator@yahoo.com and the deadline lis October 15,2013 also don't foeget too too shout out Gifted ENT. before after of during your rhyme always much luv n respect Gifted ENT.

Truly Gifted

the follow up too Gifted "A Star is Born" will be released and available for the public on this epic day 11\12\13


what local legend should Gifted ENT. collaborate with next?

Truly Gifted

who's ready for that Truly Gifted album hitting stores and streets near you sometime in the year 2013

Stress Free Tour

Stress Free Tour kicks off in Ogden,Utah Sunday March 31,2013 at Kamikazes feat. Mike Marshall the man behind the I got 5 on it hook and Equipto who raps with Dre Dog bka Andre Nickatina get them tickets in advance only $10

most enjoyable songs off the album

just out of curiosity i was wondering what's everybody favorites songs off A Star is Born?

Music Video

What song should we do for a music video?


tell me what you think of my music and style?

Macthediablo  (over 7 years ago)

hey i like your songs. you got the best of flow, rhyme scheme and music quality so far in utah ive heard. im really feeling your tracks. check me out at soundclick.com/macthediablo when you have a chance. if your down lets do a collabo aight. hit me up peace 1

Gifted  (almost 7 years ago)

thanks for the love and support in down for a collab after i finish the new project and ill check you out on your sight asap