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Obituary Interview

Check out my interview with John Tardy from Obituary Just published in Global Entertainment Mag... \m/ http://dan.globalentertainmentmag.com/Obituary.html

ChrissyRawks  (almost 5 years ago)

Superb interview/write-up Dan. \m/

Morbid North
Morbid North  (almost 5 years ago)

Thanks \m/

Melody Lea
Melody Lea  (almost 4 years ago)

Outstanding interview !!


My Review of the Shinedown show in Toronto has just been published in Global Entertainment Mag.. Please Check It Out ..\m/ http://dan.globalentertainmentmag.com/Shinedown.html

Fear Factory

Check out my interview with Fear Factory in Global Entertainment Magazine !! \m/ http://dan.globalentertainmentmag.com/FearFactory.html

Rockpile ... Toronto

Thanks To Everyone who came out to the show last night At The Rockpile !! Thanks to the great staff and sound crew for an awesome night !! Special thanks to Monet and the other bands who played !!! \m/ \m/

Who Wants Radio Airplay ??

Museboat Radio is looking for new artists .. ALL GENRE'S ... Send your mp3's to www.wix.com/museboat/multimedia

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Thanks Friends

For three days in a row .. we have been trending globally in the top ten... Thanks to our great friends and supporters !! You All Rock !!

Radio Play

I'm always looking for new music for my radio show ..If you're interested..Drop me a message and hit up the link .. \m/ http://www.wix.com/museboat/multimedia