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Summer is coming!

Shalom Fans!

I am very grateful to you for listening to and sharing my music. I hope it brings you much comfort and joy.

I am looking forward to the summer gigging season. I will be playing music at many Farmer's Markets, one of my favorite venues. Payment usually comes in the form of a small check and/or a barter for produce, which is my preference! In this way I feel good about supporting our local farmers here in NH - and I get the benefit of enjoying great organic food and products.

If you are in NH do check the gig schedule and come on over. Musicians are always welcome to jam with me at a Farmer's Market. Just let me know in advance that you are coming!

Let's all look forward to a wonderful summer season of joy and abundance.

Musically Yours,

Rahel- Acoustic Breezes

"Tis the Season.....

Please give the gift of music this holiday season. I'll be happy to play "live" too!


Going Duo!

I'm very excited to be going DUO with Daryl Barnes! Keep your eyes and ears open for some FANTASTIC new sounds. http://www.myspace.com/darylbarnes#!


Find more of me at: http://rahelblog.blogspot.com/

Isabella Rock Star Bella

Why do I love performing so much? Because it comes with great perks. Click on the URL's (or copy and paste) to see some great perks I've been treated to this past month. Lia - almost 4 yrs. old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUkuAfs1_Y4&feature=youtu.be Isabella Rock Star Bella: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cxl6Pnulm0&feature=youtu.be

Your Child Needs Music and Mother Goose on the Loose

Your Child Needs Music It's been some time since I performed for kids. I had the opportunity this week to get back into kid-shape. The kids at the Leach Library in Londonderry, NH were treated to a wealth of repertoire from all my kids cd's and curriculum and a great time was had by all. Kids are our future and most precious treasure. I think I need to get back in kid-shape and back to booking more kids concerts! I'm really good at it. : ) I had a strange moment when the librarian mentioned they were doing a regular "Mother Goose on the Loose" program at the library. She had no idea she had just spent an hour with one of the actual founding inspirations for my good friend, Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen's early literacy program, "Mother Goose on the Loose"; an inspired spin-off of Barbara Cass-Beggs' "Listen Like Learn" and "Your Baby Needs Music" programs for babies and young children! How odd to be suddenly anonymous after spending so much of my life creating just these programs all over Israel in the mid-1980's. How wonderful that it's caught on so well and so many children are now still benefitting from Barbara's genius! For more great stuff for kids: Your Child Needs Music: http://www.yourchildneedsmusic.com Mother Goose on the Loose: http://www.mgol.org

Hospice and Therapeutic Music / Sound Healing

Today was my first day back in the Hospice as a Music Practitioner. It was wonderful to be able to serve others who can benefit from therapeutic music. What is therapeutic music? It's the same as all music, however the goal of playing music is in "service" as opposed to "entertainment". Though in some instances time spent 1:1 with people can be very entertaining and that's a wonderful thing when it happens that way too. Today G-D provided both me and those I visited with an opportunity to be uplifted with upbeat music. It was the perfect welcome back to being musically "in service". There were tears to help feel and express any pain, and then there was laughter when sharing memories. It was as it needed to be. AWESOME! Thank you G-D. : )

NH Farmer's Markets

There's nothing like homemade products and organic produce. That's what I'm playing for these hot summer days in NH at the Farmer's Markets. Money is food - so why not just play for the food? I'm having a blast. My favorite venue is the streets and this is even better! Check my schedule and come out to hear some beautiful music while you shop.

Frank and Graci's wedding

Mazel Tov and thank you Frank and Graci! What a lovely lovely couple and an awesome day. They stood under a huge tree in the park and said their vows. Frank sang a love song to Graci and I couldn't help but get teary-eyed. They invited loving family and friends, musicians jammed and the public came by to enjoy the elements as well. That wasn't all. Frank and Graci's wedding was also a fundraiser. http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/news/924725-196/donations-to-charity-requested-for-wedding.html Feel free to connect with the YOU GOTTA BELIEVE organisation. Help spread Frank and Graci's love.

Bedford Farmer's Market

WOW! What fun I had this week. Besides all the great gifts I received from all the vendors at the end of the day, I got to sing together with a beautiful little girl who happened by. She stood and watched me as I sang my songs. Then I sang her a very special song about a Princess. I asked her after that what her favorite song was. She said, "The songs you're singing!". Thank you! Then she inched closer and closer to me until finally she was standing right next to me. I asked her if she wanted to sing. I could tell from the start that she was an artist. Yes, she wanted to sing. I gave her the mic and we began to sing, "Twinkle twinkly little star...". My heart fell in love. Thank you Lia for being you. I also met Suzanne Whittaker, a visual artist, who was sharing my tent. She was simply painting - doing her art. She hired me to play music at her opening reception this Thursday. Take a moment to view her website: http://www.suzannewhittaker.com Yum! I love Farmer's Market gigs!