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Weekly Reeders AND Whenevs SHOW at Firehouse Space in Brooklyn announced

Two of my bands get their Brooklyn debut at the Firehouse Space, 246 Frost St., Brooklyn, NY 11211(http://thefirehousespace.org). The Weekly Reeders consist of Carlos Cuevas on melodica, my darn self on accordion, Elizabeth on vocals, Cliff Schmidt on bass, and Christine Bard on drums/vibes. Whenevs (formerly Lee Tomboulian and Return to Whenever) are currently Roger Lent on trumpet, Matt Hong on alto, Stan Killian on tenor, LT on piano, Ratzo Harris on bass, and Brian Woodruff on drums. This promises to be super fun, with a big hairy jam at the end with members of both bands. 8-10pm.

Since the last blog..

..moved to Cliffside Park, NJ, three miles from the George Washington Bridge, have a Japan trip scheduled for Dec. 10-21st playing and teaching, and have a West Coast tour with Moldovan violinist Valeri Glava. Whew!

Hey! Accordion.

It's been time for a while to dust off the accordion. After coming down from playing it with Maria Schneider and Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble, except an occasional and wistful rendition of Beast of Burden with the redoubtable Woody Mankowski, accordion had been becoming a footnote to all my work duties and pianistic commitments. That is until lately. With this gig coming up at the NE Accordion Club coming up, it's been a kind of review of some favorite accordion moments, like:

Choro nao Mambo. I got this off a Brazilian tape called Choro na Gente (Cry of the People). I made up the title. It's gibberish. The tune is rollicking.(Choro is a kind of salon jamming music with early 20th century roots in Brazil.)

Merry Go Round. Airto, the percussionist is credited with this, It's a maracatu. It was not played on the accordion, but it is so natural on the stomach Steinway.

Montreaux by Hermeto Pascoal, a beautiful ballad written by Hermeto on the day of their concert and recorded that night as they sight-read it! More sight-reading should go so well.

Elizabeth will sing and accompany me on the piano. Anyway, hope to see you there if you're in Green Bay at 10am this Saturday!

NE Wisconsin Accordion Club, Brown County Aging and Disability Resource Center, 300 S. Adams, GB.

More tracks available

Now, Samberg and Vauda's Song by Circo (LT's Latin Jazz project with wonderful players from DFW) and Romaria, a Brazilian song made famous by Elis Regina, here taken to church.Thanks for reading this.

Christmas Welders Working now available, in plenty of time for...

Yes, the very rare Lee Tomboulian Keith Lynch-produced track for Wayne Chapman's UALR production of IMAGES is available for downloading and ringtone now at reverbnation.com! It has been featured ofn the legendary Dr. Demento show! With LT on accordion, piano, and mass crazed vocals, Keith Lynch on bass, and Dave Rogers on snare drum, it's stylin' and profilin'!