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Drum Patterns and Polyphonic Melodies

Been working on the music I got recorded over the last year or so.

Winter is done, now it is time to break out of the cocoon and spread our wings.

The most recent thing I've posted, Such A Strange Situation, is a song I recorded with Brian Grimm last summer. He played the upright base and I sung. Again this is a prototype recording.

No plans to tour yet.

This is just another taste to wet your appetite for Prototycord.

Music Under A Cold Surface

Hello everyone. () My name is Matt Sudduth. I have been working recently on some material. () You already know what I have posted on my sight. I also have a stockpile of several hundred hand-held recordings which need to be weeded through and rerecorded. () My personal favorite song is Too Much Water to Float. Its a bit long, but its got a strong message. It certainly meanders around, yet it all works out both musically and thematically. Just listen closely. I try to open up space in my songs. Its remarkable how powerful short silences can be in musical streams. () There will be a short cessation of additions for about a month in the future. This is because I will be taking summer 4th semester Chinese starting July 20, 2010. Also, I am now three weeks into a Democracy and Citizen class which ends after the start of my Chinese class. So I will be very busy. But fear not, I shall be back in force at the end of the summer.