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Home County Festival = Fabulous Weekend!

Okay, I knew we would have a great weekend and I knew there would be a lot of free shows at The Home County Folk Festival in London Ontario this past weekend, but I had no idea the caliber of musicians or that the *free* shows included Bruce Cockburn! Admittedly, I only really know Cockburn's hits but what a privilege to hear his incredible guitar playing and distinct voice on some impressive new songs as well as the ones that everyone was singing along with. It was just him and his guitar, playing to a packed park under a beautiful moonlit sky. I was in complete awe.

We also heard the likes of The Foggy Hogtown Boys (what a voice on the bass player!!!), Jason Collett, The Great Lake Swimmers, Lynn Miles and Royal Wood, just to name a few.

We saw Royal Wood at an after hours show at Aeolian Hall (lovely venue!) which was the only show we payed for. It was well worth it! With beautiful, jazzy kind of vocals, he played piano or acoustic guitar while accompanied by a very soulful bass player on either upright or electric.

Lynn Miles was also a favourite. With her powerful voice and lyrics, it was no surprise that she was chosen to perform right before Cockburn took the stage!

My personal highlight was getting on stage to sing harmonies with friends Jane Lewis, Katherine Wheatley and Sam Turton on Sunday! I hadn't even realized they were performing so I was glad to have bumped into Katherine the day before to get the scoop. Thanks for making room for me!

So, now that I can say I've performed at this fab festival, I am determined to get a slot next summer!

What a fantastic job by organizers, volunteers, sound techs and everyone involved. We had such a great time and I hope to see you in the crowd next year!

Thanks for listening!

Home County Folk Festival...

My hubby and I have made a last minute decision to go to the Home County Folk Festival in London, Ontario this weekend!

There are loads of great bands to see for free during the day. We are also going to 2 "after hours" shows: Jason Collett on Friday night and Royal Wood on Saturday night. So excited!!!


I support live and local music!!!