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Great weekend coming up! Nathan Osmonda nd a documentary of my life!

This Friday night I will be singing a duet "The Prayer" with Nathan Osmond! I will be singing opera and in Italian! then He and I will sing the finale over everybody else who will be singing "Silent Night"...Nathan is so awesome and a great singer! Also, Katie Maxwell from the college with be there to start filming me for the documentary of my life that will be submitted to the film festivals..starting with backstage at Nathans Christmas show at Tuacahn, this is going to rock!Carlie:)

recording and new cd

hey everyone! I am finally getting a break! Well a little one, Don't have a show for 2 weeks! but I am practicing everyday with Rich and Brandon and heading to the studio on Tuesday! I have about 5 new songs I have been working on to get my CD Complete!! Look out, here it comes!

Summer Jam in Cedar City

Saturday I played at Cedar City's Summer Jam Music Festival! It was so windy, my guitar fell over and Rich's expensive guitar ended up with 2 big divets in it! I felt so bad! I met the guys from "Whittlesticks" a store where they make violins and guitars and they are going to make me a guitar custom and have me endorse it! So you can get a one of a kind Carlie Wall Guitar!!!

Played with Secondhand Serenade, Camera Can't Lie and Runner Runner!

Had a great time opening at the Electric Theater on August 25th for Secondhand Serenade, Camera Can't lie! John was very nice and I got to eat pizza in the back and hang out with all of them while I waited to go on stage! There were lots of people in the crowd, I played acoustic and sang! Tyler and Amanda came and we all hung out together and watched the other bands. Then on August 27th went back to The Electric Theater and played with my whole band for a Doctors Free Clinic Fundraiser. The sound in the electric theater is awesome!


Hey guys! so here's what's up, me and my band have got a performance in Cedar City, Utah for the Tombstone Tribute, It's gonna be way legit! We'v got a full hour to play. Were playing five of my originals ( the ones on my CD) and a few cover songs. They have The Tombstone Tribute every year outside of the Toadz Bar and Grill. It goes from 5 to 10 pm. And we've got 3 bands playing there this year! Oh yeah, I wrote a few new songs, Im recording one of them on Tuesday, its called "Closer" look for it in a couple weeks on itunes or on carliewall.com. or u could just google it. I found an AWESOME drummer to record in my new song. Its gonna be SICK! We have got many many more performances coming up, i'll keep you all updated on the next performance and/or next song i'm recording! SEE YA and allways.. ~wave on~

3 Carlie