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Check out our newest and latest show dates here on ReverbNation as we take over and begin spreading our newest music from our newest full-length entitled, "JOIN US"--Pick up your copy at a show nearest you!!


We are currently looking into getting our new album "Join Us" on iTunes and other large music distributers. Please be patient as we are waiting upon our banking to get squared away before doing so. Until then, get the CD's at the shows!!!

Winter Shows

Winter shows will soon be posted here on REVERBNATION!!! Check to see if we are playing near you!!!!!


We have currently confirmed a date in December for our CD Release of the much anticiapted new album, "JOIN US." The new CD contains 9 equally brutal songs including "Devil's Backbone" and "Hallowed Ground." Bands and Details TBA....

Recording Studio

We are currently in the studio recording our third album, which is proving to be some of the best ideas we have ever put together. Working with recording genius Tom Case, and with the addition of members Joe Keyser and Kevin Carly, the band has taken a turn for the top. Thank you for your support! Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Third Album

We are currently writing with new drummer Kevin Carly. The new music is an even bigger step forward for us and we are very proud of the writing that is happening...Be prepared for a combination of new brutal and heavier riffs, catchy licks, and good ol' stoner rock on this new album!