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We're raising money for our album!

Hey everyone! I'll make it short and sweet:

We're super-duper excited about being ready to release an album, but due to unforeseen circumstances we can no longer afford to self-fund it. We recently put up a Kickstarter campaign and everyone is more than welcome to contribute ANYTHING! We're accepting $1 minimum donations, so really, any little bit helps. Our goal is $5k, and we're about a quarter of the way there-- and the best part of donating is that you get cool band gift swag as a Thank You for supporting us!

Even if you can't contribute, spreading the word is a huge help! The more visibility, the better chances we have of raising the funds by the deadline (September 18th).

Thanks to all who have already contributed and who have followed us on our journey so far. We're lucky to be able to share the magic with all of you.

Here's the link to our Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/LCFQae

xoxo Sylvana Joyce and The Moment

Happy 2012 Everyone!

Hey fans, friends and visitors.

I want to start the year by thanking everyone who's taken a part, big and small, to spreading the word about us. You all have had many important criticisms and generous praise, and we've heard every little bit loud and clear. It's amazing we've accomplished so much as a band in one year, with no money and no industry connections. I know this may come off weird, but I'm kind of glad I have a healthy dose of ignorance where this industry is concerned. It makes me strive to meet impossible goals with endless determination, no matter how many professionals would laugh about attempts. Did we get everything we wanted this year? No. But it's fair to say that we did make important strides, and our failures were great learning experiences; not just saying that, either. I appreciate both how far we've come and how far we have still to go.

Here's a rundown of the things we've accomplished this year:

1) A week long promotion on MTV.com, with a band interview, free download, Fan Twitter FAQ.

2) Winners of iStars Talent Competition (MENSA Category) in Toronto, Canada.

3) Our first single, "The Break" released on ReverbNation and Bandcamp.

4) The humble beginnings of our Boston, MA fan base - winning the first round of the NCN Rompetition at McGann's.

5) Over an hour in radio interview time, and a live set on UnRegular Radio in Boston.

6) Our first music video, "The Break", filmed, edited and released, which was eventually nominated for Most Outstanding Music Video at the 2011 Hoboken Music Awards, and featured on various websites.

7) A music feature spot on Inspired Word, a well-known spoken word show hosted by HBO Def Poet Gemineye that commonly features award-winning artists (Golden Globes, Grammy's, etc.), a place we've often open-mic'd and found many talented artists and adoring fans!

8) Performed for a 1500 seat theatre audience as openers for guitar genius Guthrie Govan's Jazz Rock trio "The Aristocrats" at Berklee Performance Center.

9) The very first "Sylvana" Genuine Shell Necklace, inspired by my unusual percussive necklace, by the very talented "Craftaholic" Diana Gonzalez (http://www.etsy.com/listing/80699384/the-sylvana-genuine-shell-necklace).

10) Scored a gig at The Studio: Webster Hall... :)

This isn't with the addition of all the wonderful artists, fans and network connections we've made as well. The blessings are a mile high.

I'll end this blog by saying that if there's any one token of advice I'd give anyone in achieving success as an artist, is to be a fierce Lioness or Lion behind the scenes when it comes to marketing/promotion/business...but when it comes to getting up on that stage, whether its an audience of 2 or 2000....let-the-f*ck go. Be the most vulnerable. Place your soul, your desires, your fears, all of it upon that mantlepiece we call the stage. When you do, you might piss your pants. You might drown in a fear of failure. But the sound that comes out will certainly haunt and dig and burrow in the hearts of others...and it might just inspire. :)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

December is well under way; The Moment and I are bubbling with excitement for our show tomorrow at Arlene's Grocery. (For details, you can visit our event page on ReverbNation or Facebook)

We're also happy to announce our latest victory of being the winner for Mike Davidson Recording's Indie Spotlight contest, which awards an indie band with free hours at their awesome studio in Boston. Mike Davidson has quite the resume, having worked with artists such as Regina Spektor and Ghostface Killah, and we are ecstatic to be working with him next week.

We can't thank you enough for all your support. We love to share our music and vision with you, and your feedback has made all the difference.

All the best, from Sylvana Joyce and The Moment

End of another month

October brought the release of our first full-length album, "Live at The Bitter End" and two spectacular performances at National Underground and Bar East. We're continuing to gain attention in NYC, and as October come sto a close, I wait with baited breath for what's in store, next month...

We're delighted to have been nominated for "Outstanding Band" and "People's Choice" at the Hoboken Music Awards, hosted by Northern Soul. We'll be there to perform, and possibly win! How exciting!

We're excited to play at Public Assembly on Thanksgiving Weekend. No better way to bring in the holidays than with a concert!

We're also going to have a couple of press releases soon over our album - one from Wildy's World, a blog critic of independent artists, and another from Denon Audio, who promotes independent artists in time to celebrate their first centennial anniversary!


So happy to share with you all. As always.

Love and Respect, Sylvana Joyce (and the Moment)

The Bitter End, a reflection

I feel deep satisfaction from the performance we had this past Friday, September 10th, at The Bitter End. There was a special feeling in the air when we arrived on the scene - a feeling that we were expected to prove our worth, and that we would exceed expectations. Well, that feeling proved true. 50 guests arrived to the scene, in addition to many others coming in off the street or to see the next band, and we had a very warm response. Everyone brought their A -game that night, and the result was spectacular. Thankfully, we were able to get a multitrack recording of the performance, which will be available as our first full-length album in the coming months. The learning curve for the band has been extraordinary! Being ambitious, I sought not only to add new repertoire to the line up a week before we went on stage, but after much discussion and foresight, we also decided to bring in a drummer to widen our percussive range - for our Bitter End performance, we opted with Tony Baptist, a talented drummer and leader of the band "Atom Strange", recently recognized by Drum Magazine for his top-notch chops. He was the perfect addition to our sound and gave the music another large shot of Mojo. Literally. :) As I work on our album release, I feel the kind of immense happiness that could only be coupled with intense pressure - the pressure to continue to grow and improve at the extraordinary rate we have already shown. The one-month hiatus in August proved difficult for me (I went through an intense withdrawl) but the time spent in reflection proved a potent reminder of my vision for the music, which was realized, with effervescence, on Friday. Lots of emotions are running through me - excitement, curiosity, determination, anxiety, anticipation - as we continue our journey. But one thing is sure - we're constantly surprising ourselves with the amount of devotion and talent we're bringing to the table, and it seems that not even the sky can limit us. And I wouldn't want it any other way. :) -SJ

Last Night

So, last night was full of surprises. Lots of people who I expected to see there didn't show up, and then a whole bunch of people I didn't ever imagine would be there showed up.

And then there was the venue - it felt a lot like some friend's basement. Definitely not glamorous, but who would have known we could rock this place to pieces? There were about 50 people cramped in a hot basement, screaming, dancing and cheering us on. The energy was the best we've ever felt - the energy drew passersby off the street into the gig to see what the hell was going on down in the fiery pit.

The best part was feeling our band's evolution. In no way a perfect or polished performance - and yet - many agree it was our best, yet. And we just keep getting better.

My mind's already filled with ideas on how to make our sound tighter, fuller; deeper. I can't wait to continue on this amazing journey...

---Sylvana Joyce ( + The Moment)

Demo coming soon...

We have officially finished mixing our demo, and will be in my hands next week. I'm very excited; booking gigs is extremely difficult without tracks uploaded, no?

We've got some wonderful videos you can check out, if you haven't already. Just go to www.youtube.com and search for "LeChatonNoir"'s video channel, which will have live performances, band rehearsals and more!

This week is also proving to be filled with band stuff---three days working on the demo, a gig yesterday, rehearsal tomorrow (learning spanking new material! ahhh!!!) and another gig on Saturday. Busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Come August, when everyone is on vacation somewhere else, I will have serious band withdrawal. You guys are becoming family! :)

Love you!

Sylvana Joyce (+ The Moment)

Moving Along!

The last few days have been really productive for us.

Saturday, our band had its NYC debut at Uncle Mike's in Tribeca, and 30 people came to see us! We had a very supportive audience, and even got rave reviews from the management at the venue. Uncle Mike's was really an amazing venue to play, it had a wonderful vibe, a thorough backline, and a proper stage, giving us in the band a feeling of professionalism about the space.

After a Sunday off, our band meticulously went to work on our demo - we plan for a digital release of the demo via iTunes/MySpace and other online distributors. On Monday, we recorded from afternoon to midnight! I couldn't have asked for more hardworking and passionate musicians. It was so exciting to get all this great music recorded! Finally, we could hear our performance played back to us, clearly - and could pinpoint certain trouble spots that eluded us, before.

We continued recording on Tuesday, adding a couple more instrumental tracks - Chris, our guitarist, had fun developing a solo for our single, "Mojo", which we plan to release first - and our anticipation of the final mix has been exponentially growing! Zach H., our audio producer, couldn't wait to work on the tracks! :)

Later Tuesday night, we had a gig at Northern Soul (we have a July residency at the joint, well known for its cheery atmosphere and top-notch open mikes) and it must have been our careful work in the recording studio, because we were the tightest and fiercest we've ever been! Dave, the manager of Northern Soul, came up to personally thank us again and agreed it was his favorite performance of ours that he's seen.

In other news, we've been continuing to make connections left and right with bands, venue owners, and various opportunities to get our sound to people in a big way. We're continuing to count all of our blessings thus far, and as you know, it adds up to quite a lot.

Most of all, our band is having more fun than ever before; we all can't wait to get music to your door and into your ears!

Love and Respect,


When there's a will, there's a way...

It's absolutely astounding that two months ago, our band did not exist - and most of us were complete strangers to one another. Who would have thought that one craigslist ad later, such talent would come together so perfectly?

It's a testament to the idea that when there's a will, there's a way. I didn't question whether or not I could find the right people to form a band, or that we wouldn't be able to start gigging within a month. It didn't worry or bother me - I just kept my eyes on the prize. I said to myself, "I have a vision - and I have certainty that I will manifest it into reality in the way it was meant to happen."

One craigslist ad later, I had tons of emails from talent. One audition later, I had my entire band. One rehearsal later, we'd secured a weekly rehearsal schedule in a studio, free of charge. One month of rehearsal later, we had scored our first gig in New Jersey.

Maybe to some, this seems entirely plausible - or entirely unlikely. But it wasn't about bargaining or settling - it was exactly what I wanted falling directly into my lap.

And the best part? The band is a group of wonderfully talented individuals who I love and who are all on the same page. The result? Each rehearsal, we get tighter, closer, and more excited about the future.

Following your dreams can be an amazing thing --- especially once you have the determination and confidence to fight for what you believe is yours.

---Sylvana Joyce (Lead Vocal/Keys, Bandleader, Songwriter)


Thanks for the listen, everyone. Happy to be here, sharing music with y'all.

Love and Respect, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment