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F61 Dead End City T-Shirts & FREE Download Cards

F61 has brand new t shirts for the new ep Dead End City available for only $13 each. With the purchase of each shirt you get a free download card for this album. That means you get a download card for cd baby and you visit the site where you download the new ep for free!!! send us a message here or at http://www.facebook.com/f61evil and we will send you the merch. thanks, Mike, Joe, Jayden (F61)

New F-61 T-Shirts

Brand new F-61 T-Shirts now available in sizes Large & X-Large only. A light gray shirt with black lettering only $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00

New Bass Player

F-61 has finally found a new bass player Andy Nitskansky who also has his own project DNR has auditioned and worked out. We will begin recording soon and setting up shows in NYC soon.

New Full Length Album "The End"

F-61 has finished recording a new full lenth album with Brooklyns best and most reputable engineer and owner of Electric Plant Studios, Vin Cin. Vin also contributed bass tracks on Help Me Forget & Swimming With the Sharks. The new recording is planned for release by 1st. week of July 2012. A lot of time and careful approach has been put into this project and fans are sure to be pleased. From vocal, guitar and percussion over dubs to favorite movie clips strategically placed in tracks, hard work and true talent will be displayed in these songs. The album title The End was chosen to represent the meaning that F-61 has grown from a punk/Hardcore band to seasoned musicians whose goal in making this record is to want thier fans to listen over and over again. The End consists of 6 studio tracks & 3 live tracks. 1. Death Trip 2. My Atrophy 3. One Foot in the Grave 4. One 5. Rock & Rolla/Tribal Paragon (live) 6. Death Trip Revisited (live) 7. To Be (live) 8. Help Me Forget 9. Swimming With the Sharks Hard copies of the new album can be purchased through Reverb Nation. Just send us a message with your name and address you would like it mailed to. Along with the disc you will also get free F-61 stickers, wrist band with band logo and a bonus hidden track on disc. It will also be available through I Tunes & CD Baby. You can purchase individual tracks or the full album at a very generous price. More info on this release and pricing will be available in the next few weeks through www.reverbnation.com/f61 . Your questions and feedback are welcome. Feel free to contact us anytime at: hippiefromhell@live.com We hope you enjoy listening to our new record as much as we did creating it. Thanks for your support, Mike & Joe (F-61)

New Music

We just finished recording our new EP, "It's not the end, just the end of the beginning" last week. On the top of our songs we posted "Death Trip". One of the tracks recorded. We used a clip from our favorite horror movie "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on the intro. Check out our new song and give us some feedback. As fans, your opinion is important to us. We will be releasing the whole EP through I Tunes in a couple of weeks. Help independent artists, share their music by supporting them. Come to a show, buy a song or shirt, become a fan. Any support is always appreciated. You're the reason we are here. Thanks guys, Mike. F-61

New Member

Hey guys, Want to let you know that we have a new member in F-61. Jason Skully is a very seasoned musician, who was playing bass with us for about 3 months, until we saw him play guitar. His skills on the guitar will add alot to our sound in recording and live. We have a layout for a new EP due to be recorded in December, so you will hear our new guitarist on this EP. Thanks for listening and keep rock and indie rock alive

F-61. Bumper Stickers

We are having "F-61" bumper stickers made up this week. They will be here by 9/22/11. Buy "Stoned" thru CD Baby for only $0.99, or order the "F-61. Hippies From Hell Inc." T-Shirts, and we will send 2 free stickers with the shirts. If you purchase song email us and we send the stickers out to you. evil1976@live.com Thanks, F-61

Links to our music & other band stuff

Hey guys, Thanks for being a fan of F-61. If you want to purchase our EP "Black Market Trade" click on the interpunk link and you will be able to purchase the disc. We also put a mellower song out as a single on cd baby and itunes. "Stoned" is an acoustic masterpiece that proves F-61 is not just a punk band, but are all around musicians. So if you like the more laid back sound but lyrics that open your eyes to a cold world of drug abuse and the domino effect of problems it causes, check out Stoned and buy it for only .99 cents. Thanks to everyone who has supported us from the get go

New Songs in the Works

F-61 has an extensive list of complete songs, and an even longer list of songs that are in the building stages. We rehearse constantly and are gonna head into the studio to record a new EP around January. New songs in the works: 1. Death trip 2. Ugly side 3. Catatonic crush 4. Nothing at the end 5. Depression 6. Delirious tremors 7. Unstoppable 8. You think i'm mad 9. Hell sweet hell 10. Prison bitch 11. Nose bleed 12. Horror girl 13. You know you like it 14. Swimming with the sharks 15. Midnight stalker 16. Dish is fork and knife 17. Empty telephone 18. Children bleeding (till you're bleeding) 19. Little girls 20. Bad moon rising (CCR) 21. Black and blue 22. Sweet demise 23. She needs 24. Time for a new life (time for love) 25. Fat man 26. Plastic smiles and rubber lies 27. Everyone's to blame everyone must die 28. I don't love you anymore

F-61 T-Shirts now available!! Join the H.F.H. inc. fan club

F-61 now has T-Shirts available in medium, large, x-large, and if you need bigger you can request it and we will order it for you. Black shirt with white logo. The logo is Joe the Butchers Hippie/Slippie skull design surrounded by "F-61. Hippies From Hell inc." Shirts are $10.00 plus $5.00 for S&H. (please be sure to include your size, mailing address, and name in your email) H.F.H. inc. is also our fan club. when you join the fan club you will get band updates, including new merchandise and chances to win free admission into shows and your email entered into a monthly pool along with the other slippies to win free F-61 prize packs which include stickers, pins, posters,and other cool band merch. Just send us your email address and we will do the rest. You can send it through any of the options listed www.reverbnation.com/f61(click on any of our links; myspace,facebook) or email us at: evil1976@live.com