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Music Saved My Life

I've walked lots of unknown paths and lived many unsure moments. I've been broken so many times and you were always there through it all, my constant friend. You were what I needed you to be, when I needed you to be there. You never failed me. You never shook your head at my anger, or failed to comfort my hurt. Sometimes I think I own you, but the truth is, you own me. I am forever in your debt. You are my lifeblood, my sorrow, my emptiness, my hope, my constant.

The simple truth is music saved my life.


Gina A-Hosn
Gina A-Hosn  (about 5 years ago)

WOW!!! SO DEEP, SO TRUE, SO TOUCHING!! I'm gonna cry!

Santana Row Show!

We will be playing at Santana Row in San Jose from 6-9pm on Friday, July 23rd! Come check it out! We are very excited to come play for everyone! Plus, it's all ages and FREE!!!! That's right! Free.99! Can't beat that price for good music!