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Summer Series Gig 8/10/12

I'll be playing in Post Office Park for the Portland Summer Series, August 10, 2012, from 12-1. It's a great gig! Outdoors, lunchtime in downtown Portland.

Flatbread Company 2/27

An excellent atmosphere! A great gig that allowed me to concentrate on the phrasing of my more mellow stuff. I would play here again anytime! The people here are so positive.

Booking Dates for July Tour

I will be playing dates in Northern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado in July 2012. So far, dates in Silverton, Durango, and Alburquerque have been confirmed. Please email me at jerrycolella@gmail.com for more info!

Gorham Grind

Played an impromptu gig at the Gorham Grind, Saturday, Dec. 18th. A very relaxed coffeeshop with really really nice, sunny windows and comfortable furniture. I had the best mocha latte I've had in quite some time. Played unplugged and enjoyed it.

Andy's Old Port Show 12/15

Playing for the third time at Andy's was the best! People had a very festive spirit and they really appreciated the music! Had the Fishman Solo PA with a Behringer 4 channel mixer going. Very simple, but the sound was dialed in and crystal clear. Elaine Colella and Adam Waxman dropped by and did guest mini-sets. They sounded great! It was a real pleasure to share my gig with these two. The food at Andy's is exceptional bar fare. I had the lobster bisque to warm up with before playing and the mixture of sherry and cream was perfect. Fantastic flavor! Thanks to all those many folks who came out to enjoy a little Christmas cheer!


Hey! Played with Elaine at BARD COFFEE on Saturday, Dec. 10th. It was a lot of fun as this was our fifth time playing this very neat venue with high ceilings and huge, sunny windows. Friends Kesel, Brenda, Bill, and new friend Kevin all showed up. It was a packed house simply because the place makes great coffee and receives overflowing foot traffic along Middle Street. Next up, Andy's OLd Port Pub on Thursday!

3 New Songs!

Hello! Won't you please give me your feedback on 3 new songs that I've written and recorded? The first is a band arrangement for GOLD, a song about the experience of writing a book about investing in gold. The second, WALKING SHOES is about leaving a lame job with health benefits to pursue one's bliss. The third, 153 DAYS is about entering the tunnel of winter and how long it takes to come out of it. Of course, leave a comment, "like" the page, or listen to other tunes. THANK YOU!!!

White's Cue Connection

Had the best sound of the week at White's Cue Connection, a pool hall in Gray. Used my own Fishman tower and two acoustic guitars: a Chinese made Fender and an Ovation with a Dean Markley pickup. I found out that I really enjoy standing up and playing music. I get to dance around and I get a better feel of how it sounds to the audience this way. Plus, my rhythms are more in sync with the toe tapping I like to see from listeners. I definitely need to get a strap for the Eastman so I can enjoy it at gigs as well. By the way, great smoked chicken wings at the Cue Connection!

BLUE music lounge 11/17

The Show at BLUE was a good one for me technically. I feel that there were few flaws in my playing and the original songs, especially the new one, "Walking Shoes," came out well. This is a great venue because you can hear a pin drop from the audience while you're playing. People really get into the songwriter here. A player can put in all the subtle inflections and fills into a song and know that it is coming across to receptive ears. What a pleasure!

Andy's Old Port Show 11/15

My second time playing at Andy's Old Port Pub! This place has a great beer selection and above average pub food. Had the Portuguese Seafood Stew. AMAZING! Debuted a new original called, "Got on My Walking Shoes" and had a warm response. THAT's always encouraging!