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busy, busy, busy. My two albums are doing great..1 EP in the can with The Observatory Jazz Quartet...an old friend Joe McNertney visited and we collborated on "Arkowa" an all percussion album. I'm also part-time playing with a student group from Lyon "The Fox Blossom Venture" as well as recording them

What's New - September 2012

OJQ (my jazz quartet) is kicking some serious ass! We lost our sax player Keith Matthews, who took a better job as an assistant band director OUT of Batesville, where he had grown up and lived his entire life. It was a sad good-bye, but a great beginning for Keith.

To fill the gap, Caitlin Campbell (our singer) has really stepped up to the plate, and is knocking them out of the park on a regular basis! Very proud of her.

I'm playing with, and recording a local singer-songwriter, Jody Hughes...OJQ has two gigs in August AND we're going into the studio to record at least three songs to use as an audition CD, and put together a Reverbnation and Facebook page that will knock people's socks off!

We're building a following so people think of us first instead of importing some talent from Little Rock and beyond!

Thanks again for all the support everybody!

Percussion Duo Shows

So, things have worked out and progressed with my student and protege' Ethan Lindblom, to the extent we have two paying shows booked at Lyon College on Jan 28th and April 1st.

We have incorporated the loop pedal, synthesizer, and homemade items done by Ethan's father Tim.

I'm very excited, as we have refined the set-up and set list that it promises to be an exciting hour of original percussion-based music...my wife is going to film the first show, so we can get it up on YouTube to help with future bookings here in Batesville.

If you're in the area, you should come!

The Loop dilemma

so, I'm down to myself and a young man who is one of my students in terms of a reliable set of folks to put together a live performance with, which means relying on loops more than I had planned.

So, the dilemma is this: do I create the loops on the fly, or pre-record them? The advantage to pre-recording is obvious, more songs with a faster turn-over. But I'm personally leaning toward creating them "on-the-fly" as part of the performance...I think it's more interesting, and it shows we are doing all the work ourselves.

The problem with percussion loops, is that you really, REALLY need to use a click track for the first layer, and if the sound doesn't come from an electronic "direct" source, the "click" is audible as the loop moves forward in it's creation. I solved that problem in Iowa by using electronic drum pads, but my space in Arkansas is severely limited.

My loving, and beyond patient wife Kim is willing to let part of her living room have a permanent set-up, so I'll probably go that way.

This just me musing out loud, but I'm going out of my mind with no performing outlet down here...:(

New Group Starts Today!

even though I've had medical problems lately, I am excited to tell everybody the first rehearsal for local performance group is today! Ethan, Nancy,& Alex!

we're going to jam for a bit, do some improvisational games, and try and come up with a name...already have an invitation to play somewhere when it comes together.

Them I'm going to see "The Expendables" lol

Cajon I get a beer with that?

Fat Congas String Cajon arrives tomorrow, and I must say I'm very excited, already hearing a new tune in my head. Met possible 4th member of performing group yesterday, Nancy Love...who immediately endeared herself to me by coming up with a cool way to use the boomwhackers I hadn't previously done. Involved a martial-arts style "sword fight" between two boomwhacking folk using specific notes...I think it sounded cool, and it would be an excellent visual.

Steel Tongue Drum

bought a beautiful, previously unknown to me percussion instrument called a "steel tongue drum"... It requires the most delicate touch of any percussion instrument I have ever played, but produces the most beautiful sound you can imagine, especially from a metal instrument you play with your fingers. check out "Steel Tongue Requiem #1" either on Facebook via my regular or fan page and click on the "My Band" tab..

Ok...possible solo set-up

Comfy old guy drum stool Amp or P.A. All 4 tongue drums loop pedal (left side) old marching bass drum with pedal (right foot) gajate bracket with either cowbell or woodblock (left foot) travel conga/djembe cajon temple blocks sizzle cymbal tree of eternal shakers and other effects

I would bring the three congas, but they are almost a whole trip themselves...maybe I DO need to get more people. I keep coming back to what I would need to re-create the album live without using a drumset...

Need more unique listeners

not sure why, but Reverb Nation has been hitting me up to get more "unique listener", which I guess means not just the person who digs the music and listens to it every day...which I appreciate in a big way, thanks...

If my friends and fans could recommend giving me a listen to others, I would deeply appreciate it. I never imagined I would have a second shot at a music career, and I honestly am not sure how best to proceed with this.

Any help is appreciated and welcome. I have to figure out "The Street Team" deal next...

And don't get me started on pinning down a genre! (grin)

Album update

So, completely flooring me I found out today that my solo percussion album "Spike's World Of Percussion" is currently up on iTunes and Amazon.com mp3.

If you had any doubt about using this feature on ReverbNation, don't....it works great!

I already have three new tracks for the next one, as well as two from TRIANGLE that can be released without copyright hassles.