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Tyler Perry's Interview with Oprah was GREAT

What a gift it was to see a man with many resources rely upon his intuition and let go of self-perception and other's perception in telling the truth about his childhood. Everything creative seems to be killed until the truth is revealed and I'm on this journey as relates to my own childhood. He spoke of forgiving his father and that was the pivotal moment when he was loosed to make new what his past had held captive for so long. As regards creativity, these are some thoughts (a bit lofty and wordy) I penned regarding creativity however it is packaged. It is what it is...

God Speed, Brian

_________________ Left vs. Right Brain Science leaves out Creator of this science: by Brian G. Jett

Fear has been blamed on emotions or the faint of character historically. This is fallacious 'information'. That is what left brain analytical, monolithic logic grinds against wherein what we've termed logic has wrongly been embraced as factual data. Hence, science and technology have been solely the methodology our right brain (the holistic, perceptive, intuitive, and contextual emotive lobe) has been trained reciprocally and for self-preservation to suppress its vital functions. Facts, however, void of intuition force cognitive dissonance or confusion, worry, and the literal dividing of our mind (one mind, two lobes which cooperate if allowed).

Our society praises the result more so than the developmental journey of achieving excellence as part of the result. The left brain supporters do so, under a Pavlov's drooling dog notion, for understandable societal reasoning. Get up, go to work, perform tasks specific to what they were told to be by a systemic psychological aptitude test, earn money bi-weekly, and believe this is what life consists of in its largest portion. Depression, restlessness, boredom, an under girding guide since birth craves to be conceived via the right brain's demand to create a happier mental and emotional condition; the subsequent logical left brain squelching fights back and fear holds tight to standards seemingly unfounded but nonetheless ascribed to if even ethically and morally disconcerting.

The left and right sides of his brain rather than cooperate, were negating agents to the world's pattern and a renewal of the businessman's brain must require faith and trust enough in Providence or God to accept failure in light of the bigger picture or holistic intuition that even an atheist ascribes to on occasions for whatever intellectual reasons they might explain away. Assuming God exists, not to follow a bigger picture of His guiding Spirit must be an issue of the power we will allow the upper hand and final say so. God or His creation?

-Brian G. Jett © -2009

New CD out by December, 2010 "Dew Time"

New CD out by December with varied upbeat and soulful guitar work and new instrumentation.