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Thanks to you

It's been a wild six months since Tim Henderson convinced me to come out of retirment and put together the Hooch -- actually it was Tim who put it together. Wow! Chicken Raid came up kinda soon. We barely had enough material to do a show. Wow! Ellyn gave us EVERY THIRD FRIDAY each month at the NORTHSIDE TAVERN. A lot of great Atlanta Bluesfolk paid their dues while I was retired. Any one of them would have loved (and deserved) that gig. I got lucky. It's wonderful to have people who love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Ellyn. Makes me feel guilty, but hey... who could turn down a gig like that. Sorry to my fellow Bluemen and Blueswomen. To my fans & friends -- We'll always try to put on a good show, put a smile on you face, and put a tap in your toes. Hope you get to come to one of our shows soon. We sure do enjoy it when you're there. Bluesfully, Stoney Brooks