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My Love Song

I can still recall the day I fell Dangerously In Love I could swear it was like Halo Freely I fell for Your touch I didn't care what people thought Got me Lookin Crazy Right Now As I worship in Your presence I forget about the crowd.

Without You there is No Air Your love makes me 1-2 Step I Hope You Dance upon the clouds As I praise with every breath For You I Will, For You I live If not for You I woulda died When my adversaries tried But You cause me to survive!

I was Unfaithful like Rihanna You held me under Your Umbrella- ella, ella in Your shadow Keep me there forever ever You never tell me to step To The Left, To The Left You deemed me Irriplaceable Lord You're the best, You're the best

You are the songs I sing You are the music and the lyrics The beats and the instrumentals All inspired by Your Spirit Some say that I'm religious Others say I'm a Fanatic But I can't deny Your presence That sweet love, I gotta have it!!!