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Annual Ryder Cup

The Pickled Beats played at Cool Springs Dan McGuinness on Saturday the 28th of August, celebrating the annual playing of the "local" Ryder Cup. The golf was won by the Amaerican team this year, which put the Euro's in a bit of a tizzy for a while; however, after many pints were consumed, the Euro's found their groove and mayhem ensued. Thanks for a great night, and Brad and the folks at Dans are legends.

Browns Diner

Had an excellent night at the world famous Browns Diner and rehearsal room. We were graced with the prescence of the Road Mangler himself. As coincidence would have it, I was wearing the T-shirt from Phil's 75'th birthday bash which the Beats played. We have a couple of gigs at Dan McGuinness in Cool Springs coming up; one on the 6th of August and the other on the 28th. The gig on the 28th is going to be a mega bash. The annual "Ryder Cup" golf tournament is played that weekend, so the Beats are playing for the after tournament party. Everyone can attend, it is not a private function so hope to see all the "Beatheads" in attendance.


The Beats had a great night at Kimbros pickin' parlor last night. The band did a short one hour set with all your favorite Pickled Beats tunes. The Beats were followed by The Groovetones, a fantastic blues band who rocked the house. More dates will be announced soon so look out for the Pickled Beats near you.

What's happeneing with the Pickled Beats

June 3rd 2010 The Pickled Beats are about to get things rolling again. After a couple of years where members have changed, the band is about to go into the recording studio and finally release some music which will be available for sale. The band is working on some new venues around town, and the future is looking good. With regards to the changes in lineup, replacing Derek Bain on the drums is Pat Macinerney. Pat is originally from London England, and worked the pop scene in Britain for years before making the move to Nashville and working on drums for Country legend Don Williams. Pat combines his “Beats” duties with working with Nancy Griffith as her drummer/percussionist. The band is currently working on some great new material, and as always will throw in a surprise or two when they start performing the new songs. Hope to see you all at a gig soon – Kev.