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The Support of Life

Each band has a goal. That goal is to be the best representation of themselves as they can be. Fighting to be the perfect sound, show, and experience any band could be. As a team of bands working together anything can happen. Support the life of music, together!

Altayon and this next year

2012 is coming, and what of Altayon? Well that is not in the air, it is in the life of music. Our second album is finalized for recording now. Consider this the year for our next album. Throughout the months of 2012 we will be releasing acoustic versions of each song on a youtube video for all of you to hold you off till the album is complete. The heavy stuff will blow your mind away...

Of course without tooting our own horn we mean. The music is only as good as those who listen to it. And that is you, our fans, friends and family. Our love and support for you is as great as yours for us. Each re-post, every listen, visit, show appearance and more that you do is another push of our heart forward. You keep us alive, the music connects us.

From our world to yours, Altayon would like to say thank you for a wonderful 2011. Here is to next year. Keep making things happen and we'll see you out in the field soon...

Look out April (a festival in talks)

Until again... ~ Telmorn Altayon

Altayon would never have been without you all!

This last year of 2010 has been filled with life loss, birth, new meetings and walk a ways. One thing is certain, it has been embraced. I can truly say I'm lucky for being alive in 2010. Towards the end of the year I got to see musical friends I had not seen in many years. I also finally got to live out one of my dreams. To play on stage with the best drummer I've had the privilege of being on stage with, Jofu. That lead me to being on stage again with an instrument in my hand for the first time since 2007. So I thank David, Zandelle and everyone else involved in that night for bringing me back to life. Other things that have happened with my music life is that Altayon has finally been brought to my forefronts of importance. I have been blessed with finding some of the best musicians I have even known, and heard. This marks the first change in 2011. Altayon will no longer be a studio band, but a live event. It is with their joining that this is even possible. So with my soul I give you my appreciation. I hope I can give back to you the feelings you've given me in my life for this great opportunity. With that said... Altayon has some wonderful and loyal fans, friends and family, that has helped this band even exist in the first place. You've helped us gain 2nd place on ReverbNation, built up a nice following on our YouTube account (with our acoustic renditions of songs) and also our newest venture with Road Runner Records' site. Within three days of debuting at number 5th we are not 3rd on the daily list for Metal. There is no way that would have ever happen if it wasn't for those people supporting our efforts. I promise to keep pushing my creative mind to their limits for you, so that you can continue enjoying music from Altayon. SignMeTo RoadRunner: http://signmeto.roadrunnerrecords.com/artists/altayon ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/altayon

We have four major goals happening this coming 2011 year. 1) Getting on stage again in full capacity. 2) Recording videos for our first album songs. 3) Finishing our second album. 4) And of course, getting signed!

There truly are no words to express how much it means to my heart that you have all helped, pushed, and stood by Altayon over this past year. I will ensure over the span of Altayon's career, our fans will always be top priority. Expect free things for the people who love Altayon, from shows, music, and merchandise and our undivided attention. With all that I am I pass a wish of peace upon your lives, until again... ~ T

Be safe on this New Year's Eve

Altayon trying to get signed to Road Runner Records

Altayon is now signed up to a website organized through Road Runner Records. This site is to see how well the band is doing and hear what people are saying. Your votes, reviews and listens will help bring Altayon to the Road Runner Records list of bands. This is an opportunity for Altayon to get signed... How can this happen? Follow the link below.

Altayon at SignMeTo http://t.co/pkZGcJt Please take a listen and vote to help Altayon get signed to Road Runner Records.

It is simple to vote, you just give them a User Name, Email and Password. Once you're signed up go to your email account and click the link to validate it is you. then you can sign in and vote. After that, go to my profile by searching for Altayon and you will see a rating system, 1 to 10 on top. Please help out Altayon...

Peace in harmony, until again... ~ Altayon

Altayon: Searching for New Musicians

Brushed against winds tormented reserve, chapters of pain revealed secrets of misguided questions through a history of loss Kings and misery set free. Welcome to "Altayon" a musical release of centuries uncovered from a past long forgotten.

Altayon has been searching for some musicians so that we may start playing shows once again.

Keyboardist/Pianist: Guitarist: Bass: 5 or 6 string bass And finally a female vocalist to help get that "Theater Experience"

Until again... ~ Altayon; By the blood of the rose...