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Wots popping everyone My names Jesse. . . . aka. . . G -BLITZ or just BLITZ 1st I would like to start by thanking all my family, friends, and my fans that have been supporting my crew soul skript. With out you's we wouldn't have gone this far in our music. .

A Little bit about myself. . . .

Born in PALMERSTON NORTH, NEW ZEALAND. My current age is mid 20's....lol I have one daughter LA'SHAE HONEY, and a set of twin boys, CORDELL CHROME AND ROYAL LEE LYRIC.

Music has been apart of my life since i was born. My mother and father bought me up in music by 1st playing the guitar, then Bass, then a little bit of piano but my favorite instrument, the drums. Thanks to my parents for blessing me with music and adding it to my life. With out it, i don't know where I would be. Thanks MUM thanks DAD...

So It is because of them this is what i do now.... I compose my own music i spend half my day coming up with new tracks, recording and i love it. My passion for music will never fade. It's brought a bit of piece to my life. As we all know, Life has it's ups and downs, i lost focus of my music for about 5years and was going through phazes that made life hard. . But we all have those phases and im back now and ready to give it my all.

Thanks to Iceman for giving me my life back to music. with out you brother I don't know where i would be, if you didn't bring music up, after many years of lost contact, where were you all those years. lol.... thanks my bro for bring music back to my life clap clap clap clap clap hahahahaha

So i dedicate my life to my music as well as my family and aim to be the best i can be.




BLITZ. . . . . .

Chapter 1.1 - Taking Steps

Howdy again!

Well, it's only been about a month and the group has made some amazing progress! We've met a very talented local dj called DJ Styles, who gave us our first glimpse at what we could achieve if we work hard. We opened up for Young Sid and it was one of those nights you just can't get out of your head! From start to finish i felt like i was in a dream, honestly. I'd always dreamt of opening up for a huge, credible NZ act. Young Sid was a more then worthy artist to fill that description. He was humble, open minded and very encouraging. There's something about someone who's successful and humble that i admire a lot. Mr Sicc and Dei hamo were no different, and i fully appreciated their time, thanks to the brothers!

So, Soul Skripturez has definately taken a huge step forward within this small amount of time. We are in the process of discussing our first video shoot. Slowly building up our song list, and making huge progress on stage. first couple gigs were a little akward, but now the boys and have found our feet and are loving every minute of it!

We have 2 shows coming up, 1 in October 9th, Napier opening up for PNC and David Dallas, and another that i am organising called " U.N.I.T.Y".

I am extremely greatfull to all the people who are supporting our efforts, and coming to chear us on at every show. to the photographers and video people, thank you. to those who helped with connections, thank you. To our families and lovers, we owe you everything.

Hopefully will be hearing from us soon at a show near you!...

I.c.e Man

Chapter 1 - Taipari Iceman Waaka

My name is Taipari Waaka, I'm 25 and have an undying passion for music expression. I see it the same way Bruce Lee saw martial arts. A teacher of life, and a tool to express who i am, and various different parts of me. I know, its a lil deep but bare with me..

It started when i was a teeny weeny 6 year old. Playing guitar, trying to copy my cousins and uncles. Then i figured out i could hear notes, i could figure out tunes and chords by ear. After that you could've called me the human juke box, if you played the song to me, i could pretty much play it right back to you :)

High school came, and so did the confidence to start writing. I learnt sibilius and started composing and writing my own material. I had always had a thing for writing, but never in song formation. My first real recording was called "We Must Be Good", i recorded it at Queen Elizabeth College in Palmerston North, and it really sparked my interest in production, and original material...

Well, now nearly 7 years after high school i am a fully dedicated musician, production, singing, rapping, soundtracks to movies, live performances, bands, colaborations, networking, photography, video and so much more things have become my life. Ultimately i hope to one day use my talents to open a youth school called I.C.E Productions (inspiration, creativity & expression) to give people who missed the chance to further themselves another shot.

For now I'm on the grind to get out there, to play more gigs, and meet more people. To inspire other artists to reach higher, to encourage that person sitting on the couch to do something about it, and to forever be me.

Chur, Taipari Iceman Waaka